Magical Mischief

With Mischief being the second child she is silently compared with her big sister at that age. Not compared as in is she doing it just the same or is she better, compared as in, huh you two are SO different! And it is awesome. Worrisome at times, but still awesome. Sometimes I worry because Mischief doesn't seem to be able to identify what she's seeing to the words associated with it. She does finally know almost all the basic shapes, but we are still struggling with colors and letters are a whole different story. Another thing that has worried me is that her drawings haven't really evolved.

As a one year old, she didn't scribble, she'd draw clusters of tiny circles or tiny lines and zigzags.

Her circles have gotten a bit bigger and her lines a bit longer, but basically that is still how she draws. When her pictures actually create something understandable, she gets lots of praise. Lately it's been monsters. Today during craft time she started drawing and said she was drawing daddy. There were a few straight lines and circles on her paper and I started feeling sad and thought about pulling out DQs three year old pictures. First I decided to take a picture of what Mischief was drawing, and in doing so went to the opposite side of where I had been and was startled, surprised and delighted to SEE her picture. She HAD drawn daddy and mommy and Maddie and started on herself.

Looking at her pictures with new eyes I can see she draws faces on everything. Sometimes lots of eyes, but consistently there are eyes and a mouth, sometimes a nose and cheeks and eyebrows(or unibrow) as well. My own little Picaso.
a monster:
her family portrait of us:  (it's now in a frame on the wall)


Trishgoger said…
Is that first one a picture of you holding Hazel?! That's awesome!

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