Red Gingham

After getting this up in my kitchen....I started looking for fabric to make dining chair cushions...and ended up searching for red gingham on are some items I ran across in the process and love.

Vintage 1960's Square Dancing Red Gingham Blouse

1950's Red and White Striped Dress

Red Gingham Baby Dress
(I think Baby Sally needs this one.)

Red gingham and floral retro frilly apron

Red gingham apron

Red Gingham Padded Heart

Pincushion Pail with Blossoms in Red Gingham

PLAY Pillow in Red Gingham and Aqua Polka Dots

Coin purse retro apple on red gingham


sleepless said…
Walmart has the cheapest gingham...hope they have red since you LOVE it now ! cute look ! But did you want to wash those chair cushions every meal ?..
Myhouse4nine said…
Maybe she will find a vinyl gingham table cloth to cut up and use for her cushions, then she own't have to wash them, just wipe...

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