Three year old Chatterbox

"Mommy look at my fairy.
Mom, you want make some fairy stuff?"
"Nope, I need to make breakfast."
"Okay Mom.  Bye Mom."
very faint sound of a sneeze
"Mom what's that noise?"
"A neighbor."
"Neighbor from your phone?"
"No, the neighbor outside sneezed."
"Scary out there."
"No, not really."
"It way forest out there mom."
"It's a forest out there?! Oh my goodness."
"Ya, it's way real. Ya.  Far away. With a way ghost."
"Oh my."
"It in the sky. Way hiding. Ooooo Oooooo.  Like that Mom."
I see"
"A leaf falling down on the ground....Mom, I giving you story."
"You're giving me a great story."
"A ghost story. skeletons and Halloween and witches and apple. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  We going to get you.  On Halloween we get you.  Mom, that scary?"
"That's real scary."
"Uh huh, it's real.  Mom, a witch is, it here.
"Mom a witch is here."
"A witch is here?"
"Mmmhmmm. Outside."
"Oh my."
"Eating our plants."
"Why is she doing that?"
"Ya, fun. It ate all it.  Us can't eat them. Tomatoes still here. I go outside mom?"
"Not right now."
"I done mom."
" We need to eat breakfast."
"I not eat, I not want, I not hungry yet. Mom, I not hungry yet."
"I want go outside door."
"No, not outside time yet."
"You be done?"
"In a bit."
"Mom, I got...down there is something........That's alright."

Youtube cut about a minute off of the movie,  I'm sure you don't mind.  :) She really talks nonstop though....


sleepless said…
This is so cute..she is developing her story telling talent and her personality !!
Laurel said…
Sophie likes this video, she is saying, "Baby! Baby say Hi Mom!"

By baby she just means child.

I think that is a fabulous story!

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