Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My tongue is getting bit a whole lot today.  And my stomach is sour.  Isn't marriage delightful?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall photos

I decided to try and get some Christmas card-able (ible?) photos today...The girls weren't having it though.  That said, I did get some pictures I kind of like.  So out of almost 200 pictures, here are the few that were deemed acceptable by me.

 And I rather quite love this one:

And I'm throwing this one in cause my Junior year English teacher just told me it looks like a magazine picture...I can see it...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treating

Our ward(church) did a Trunk or Treat this year.  Woo hoo!  I've been waiting 3 years for this!  Grated this year only DQ had a completed costume.  We quickly threw together something for Mischief and Hazel.  They even had donuts and apple cider.  Mischief knows her food boundaries and avoided the donut table as well as the car that had cookies instead of candy.
Hazel Mae is a natural trick or treater.  She needed little prompting and thought it was great!  On the walk home she chewed her way into a bag of M&Ms....she was so mad when I made her put the candy away before bed.

Mushroom Queen
 Pageant Girl:

Can you tell she loves (LOVES) candy?

Happily Mischief could eat half of what she got, and the stuff she can't is just the stuff mom likes!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Queen of Losing things

Instead of focusing on all that is going wrong today, here is a list of positives:

  • I got to sleep in my own bed, by myself until 3:45 this morning!
  • Ava discovered we still had grapes in the fridge
  • My shoes were where I left them yesterday.
  • Mr. Man filled the car with gas this morning.
  • It's payday!
  • Pj was on facebook at the same time this morning and so was quickly able to call me so I could locate my phone.
  • New episode of Elementary available online today!
  • The tv room is almost ready to get vacuumed.
  • I found a check book quickly to get bills ready to mail next week.
  • It is now Hazel's naptime.  Whether she likes that or not.
  • No cops were around when I drove Mr. Man to school and back home, or when I drove DQ to school then picked up Mr. Man and drove us back home.
  • Saw a car accident, after it happened and before the police arrived, and the drivers were being polite to each other.  Sometimes I love Utah.
  • Mr. Man's library card is on my dresser rather than in my lost wallet, meaning we can still go to the library.
  • I found the ghost foam shapes, so I can make my Halloween garland that I requested fabric from my sister for.  
  • I'm not entirely freezing yet today.
  • I found the can opener....right on top of a bowl right on the counter where I looked countless times yesterday....
  • Mischief is distracted by chores at the moment, relieving me from jungle gym status.
  • I remembered I have a bag of balloons in my closet, so this weekend we will MAKE pumpkins with papermache newspaper and fabric starch.
That's all so far.  (10:50am)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


A storm has been coming in, though we just barely got rain last night, it is still drizzling and is cold cold cold, so I bundled the girls up for the walk to school. When we got home, I pulled out the tomato plants and gathered the large tomatoes, some of which had ripened over the last few weeks like I hoped they would. Today's high is supposed to be 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Mischief is now over at Linda's for a few hours, hopefully she will remember to use the potty when needed, and Hazel Mae is down for a nap. I have loaded the dishwasher and started it and will now eat breakfast while watching Elementary. Then I will cut out Hazel Mae's Halloween costume while pondering where I put the fabric for Mischief's which needs pre-washing.
It is Red Ribbon week and today is crazy hair day.
Hazel Mae loves the apples from Aunt April and Uncle Nathan's tree.

I switched out our toys yesterday, pulled the vintage little people out. They sure are faborites!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do you ever get overwhelmed with your own desires for your life?  I don't mean desires like a car, the latest (or at least more current) electronics, or well decorated clean house.  For me my desires are being a good homemaker and being self sufficient.  I get overwhelmed because with the internet, especially facebook and Pinterest, I have discovered this whole new world of people who think like me.  Women who have such strong faith to live the way they believe God wants them to, with biblical feminity, homeschooling, etc.
Once I was with my sister in laws and one was getting rid of a box full of books she had from book club and we were all looking at them and one was basically an anti-feminist book.  And one of my sister-in-laws laughed and told a story about how someone in her ward said that was the only time she ever stole something, she stole that book from the library and burnt it.  She took it to give to that person for a laugh.  I would have loved to read it.  I'm a weirdo, I know.

Anyway, this all comes down to me being overwhelmed by myself today.  Overwhelmed because I need to call the Relief Society Pres. for a food order, something I struggle with doing.  Overwhelmed because the house needs to get picked up and I'm so tired of constantly picking it up!  Overwhelmed because I just found yet another wonderful website:  http://www.theprudenthomemaker.com/

So...what can I do today....

  • put clean clothes away
  • pick up trash
  • put little girl shoes away
  • get toys all back into toy room
  • organize movie shelves
  • dishes (again)
  • sweep kitchen
  • scrub paint residue from sinks
  • make rolls that Mischief can't eat

Oh that all sounds so dull.  I'll eat a bowl of potato cabbage soup first....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Paint transformation...

How marvelous painting can be!

My arms and thighs are throbbing, yes, but look how nice things look, yes you've already seen the Hazel's room pictures, but I wanted to better show the difference, and eventually I'll get her crib in there and things on the walls, etc so we'll have more pictures then....
Hazel Mae's room, before and after
I didn't actually get before pictures, I'm really bad at that...but incase you don't recall what the blue room has looked like for the last year and a half, look behind the children in these pictures:

 And now after a two coats of primer and one coat of paint (another hour until I can put up the second coat)...
I need to get a sander to do the beams...or just stop being lazy and instead use my sanding block to smooth them down (and smooth my flabby underarms in the process)...then those can get primed and painted as well.
Second coat is dry, tape is off!
And the playroom wall.....again, I took no before pictures, so it's either behind the children, or on the picture of the whole room, it's the wall on the left.

After...will have to wait because we had a storm roll in.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I do not know what has resulted in my being super productive this week, but I like it! So glad to finally be getting some of these big projects done! Though it really makes me want a nap, and naps are not available at this time. Though the girls ARE eating lunch so maybe I can sneak to my bed for a few minutes....

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday I washed the drab wall in Hazel Mae's room (formerly known as the man cave and before that the craft room). Today I primed and painted it! My original plan had an aqua blue, but instead we went with what we already had, pink! Thanks Shannon for passing your pink paint on to us. Now Mischief wants her room pink.

Miraculously the girls both took naps while I primed and got the first coat up. Then Mischief woke up and helped me wash up the playroom and blue room walls. They will get primed tonight or tomorrow.

Mischief said, " Look Mom, it like a twirly bath."

"and one more squeeze. Hhhhhhhghh!"
"This like hanging a picture, Mom?"

Then once those were washed up I heard Hazel Mae screaming.

To make Hazel happy we tried on masks.


"My nose, Mom."

picture of mommy, taken by Mischief

Did you notice the lack of Drama Queen?  She is off having fun today with her cousins.  Aunt Emily and Uncle Matt took her up to the family Halloween party with them.  Thanks!!  I finished her costume last night, and she makes a very cute ballerina.

Her arms were freezing though. going to make her wear a long sleeve shirt under it for Halloween.