7 years

I've learned I'm not the easiest person to live with, so major points to my husband for putting up with me this long, I'm working on doing better!  The house has been clean for 2 whole weeks!  Just don't look at the playroom, the girls killed it today.

I love that my husband has put up with me for 7 years, and that he works 2 jobs while going to school to support us.  I love that he loves his girls, and that Hazel chooses him over anyone else.   I am grateful for him being my husband.  And he is so thoughtful, more so than me, I'm working on that.  He surprised me this year with a present.  Something I've been wanting for a while.  I feel so very loved!

Her name is Grace and she is a Butterflies doll.  Butterflies dolls are rag dolls exclusive to Cracker Barrel.  He got the last one, they didn't even have a box for her and gave him a pie box instead :)  Isn't she beautiful! 


Juli said…
I love that she came in a pie box. :) Every once and a while I like to stop and appreciate what I have... and I'll not look in the playroom if you'll not look in Tony's office. It's where things go to die.
sleepless said…
How nice of him to give you this cute doll. Happy Anniversary to you two !
Jamie Hatch said…
She's beautiful! I wish Jotham would give me a doll. I really, strangely want one. I wish my girls liked dolls. Abby! Kudoos on having a clean house for two weeks in a row, seriously something to be proud of.

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