A storm has been coming in, though we just barely got rain last night, it is still drizzling and is cold cold cold, so I bundled the girls up for the walk to school. When we got home, I pulled out the tomato plants and gathered the large tomatoes, some of which had ripened over the last few weeks like I hoped they would. Today's high is supposed to be 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Mischief is now over at Linda's for a few hours, hopefully she will remember to use the potty when needed, and Hazel Mae is down for a nap. I have loaded the dishwasher and started it and will now eat breakfast while watching Elementary. Then I will cut out Hazel Mae's Halloween costume while pondering where I put the fabric for Mischief's which needs pre-washing.
It is Red Ribbon week and today is crazy hair day.
Hazel Mae loves the apples from Aunt April and Uncle Nathan's tree.

I switched out our toys yesterday, pulled the vintage little people out. They sure are faborites!


sleepless said…
That is some crazy hair ... ! thanks for sharing ..I love the clues of what is going on !!
Juli said…
Love that one of you and Hazel. :) And I have that pattern... I think I altered it into something else though.

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