Comfort food

Mischief isn't feeling good today (took a 3 hour nap even), and she didn't eat much yesterday so I decided to cater to her stomach's interest, as it's grocery day anyway.  She wanted rice and fish, so to 1st Oriental Market we went.  Yum!  Short grain rice, furikake, chili garlic sauce, kimchi and salted mackerel.
Here is my dish with the rice, fish, and kimchi.  I love kimchi.  Not the shelf stable kind, but the "fresh" made kind.  I say "fresh" because well, kimchi is even fresh has been sitting for probably a week.

 Mischief showing off her mochi from her favorite spot of the day.  Mochi is from the market also.  Mochi is a sweet glutenous rice cake with red bean paste.  I got berry flavored kind, they are super yummy.  Of course after I gave her one and she ate half of it, I double checked all the ingredients and discovered maltose, which is sugar syrup made from malt which is made from barley, which means gluten.  Argh!

 Hazel was half and half sweet and sour today.  Spent half the day screaming and half being cute as can be.

 Some random things, can you tell me what they are?


Jennifer said…
garbage disposal, fish, and a steel wool cleaning sponge. :) Your kiddos are lucky to have such a cool mom who makes them delicious worldly foods!
Juli said…
Love the steel wool pic. :) Don't beat yourself up over the gluten, it's in everything... and that one is so cleverly hidden. It will get easier.

A friend of mine is trying it with her daughter and she couldn't understand why her daughter was getting sick on her cereal... it was cherrios. It's a long process, and we all have our DUH! moments.

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