Do you ever get overwhelmed with your own desires for your life?  I don't mean desires like a car, the latest (or at least more current) electronics, or well decorated clean house.  For me my desires are being a good homemaker and being self sufficient.  I get overwhelmed because with the internet, especially facebook and Pinterest, I have discovered this whole new world of people who think like me.  Women who have such strong faith to live the way they believe God wants them to, with biblical feminity, homeschooling, etc.
Once I was with my sister in laws and one was getting rid of a box full of books she had from book club and we were all looking at them and one was basically an anti-feminist book.  And one of my sister-in-laws laughed and told a story about how someone in her ward said that was the only time she ever stole something, she stole that book from the library and burnt it.  She took it to give to that person for a laugh.  I would have loved to read it.  I'm a weirdo, I know.

Anyway, this all comes down to me being overwhelmed by myself today.  Overwhelmed because I need to call the Relief Society Pres. for a food order, something I struggle with doing.  Overwhelmed because the house needs to get picked up and I'm so tired of constantly picking it up!  Overwhelmed because I just found yet another wonderful website:

So...what can I do today....

  • put clean clothes away
  • pick up trash
  • put little girl shoes away
  • get toys all back into toy room
  • organize movie shelves
  • dishes (again)
  • sweep kitchen
  • scrub paint residue from sinks
  • make rolls that Mischief can't eat

Oh that all sounds so dull.  I'll eat a bowl of potato cabbage soup first....


Juli said…
I think we all struggle with our lives in some way of form. I read all these blogs and say "Why am I not a better parent?" and then I read others and say "maybe I'm not that bad". The food blogs/pinterest are my undoing though, because I REALLY want to cook like that, wish I had the time to cook, or the patience.

sleepless said…
Life Is mostly days of doing the same things over and over again... with a few exciting and different days thrown in occasionally...and it is okay.
Katie Bell said…
You're awesome! And creative, and funny, and ambitious, and courageous, and realistic. I take a day off, feel really guilty, get twice as much done the next day, take the following day off for having gotten so much accomplished the previous day, repeat.

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