Paint transformation...

How marvelous painting can be!

My arms and thighs are throbbing, yes, but look how nice things look, yes you've already seen the Hazel's room pictures, but I wanted to better show the difference, and eventually I'll get her crib in there and things on the walls, etc so we'll have more pictures then....
Hazel Mae's room, before and after
I didn't actually get before pictures, I'm really bad at that...but incase you don't recall what the blue room has looked like for the last year and a half, look behind the children in these pictures:

 And now after a two coats of primer and one coat of paint (another hour until I can put up the second coat)...
I need to get a sander to do the beams...or just stop being lazy and instead use my sanding block to smooth them down (and smooth my flabby underarms in the process)...then those can get primed and painted as well.
Second coat is dry, tape is off!
And the playroom wall.....again, I took no before pictures, so it's either behind the children, or on the picture of the whole room, it's the wall on the left.

After...will have to wait because we had a storm roll in.


sleepless said…
Is is wonderful that you were able to do these projects !! much brighter ! you did good Abby ! I hope you feel good about it !

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