Yesterday I washed the drab wall in Hazel Mae's room (formerly known as the man cave and before that the craft room). Today I primed and painted it! My original plan had an aqua blue, but instead we went with what we already had, pink! Thanks Shannon for passing your pink paint on to us. Now Mischief wants her room pink.

Miraculously the girls both took naps while I primed and got the first coat up. Then Mischief woke up and helped me wash up the playroom and blue room walls. They will get primed tonight or tomorrow.

Mischief said, " Look Mom, it like a twirly bath."

"and one more squeeze. Hhhhhhhghh!"
"This like hanging a picture, Mom?"

Then once those were washed up I heard Hazel Mae screaming.

To make Hazel happy we tried on masks.


"My nose, Mom."

picture of mommy, taken by Mischief

Did you notice the lack of Drama Queen?  She is off having fun today with her cousins.  Aunt Emily and Uncle Matt took her up to the family Halloween party with them.  Thanks!!  I finished her costume last night, and she makes a very cute ballerina.

Her arms were freezing though. going to make her wear a long sleeve shirt under it for Halloween.


sleepless said…
I love all the photos and funny comments they is good to have a princess wash walls for you !! Yay, for your efforts...awesome !!
Laurel said…
Very cute Halloween costume!

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