Preserving the harvest

Today I made hot pepper jelly.

We haven't quite had a killer frost yet,but none of the fruit on my plants was ripening, and there was a lot.  You'd think we were in the peak of summer.

This morning I picked all the peppers, then pulled the plants out and stuck them in the rubbish bin.  Later I pulled majority of the green tomatoes off of the tomato plants.  Left one alone as it is making large tomatoes and I can use them for frying.

After lunch I went to my brother's house where my sister in law helped me make and process 7 half pints of hot pepper jelly.  She totally gets one for helping.

Tomorrow I am making green tomato relish.  It requires 2 hours of cooking before canning so I'll do that tomorrow morning, then transfer the cooked relish to my brother's house so she can help me process it again. I don't have a stove at my house to do it on, and it's fun to do it with someone else anyway.

Hazel Mae fell on her head.  Again today.  She does it a lot.  She even falls when walking and there's nothing to trip over.  She does that a few times a day.  I'm worried there is something throwing off her equilibrium.  We got our insurance cards this week so once we figure out what doctors to go to (as we can totally switch now and I think I'll do so.)  I'm going to take her in.  Maybe there's something in her ears causing it?  I don't know.  She lands on her head enough that I really worry about brain damage.

I worry about my kids a lot, have you noticed?

DQ is doing a report on Robins.  She could choose any animal and that was her choice.  I like it!

I've decided to talk Mr. Man into having his parents give us a family gift of this, so we can do preserves at home, and it'll be great for camping and emergency preparedness!


Juli said…
We have had the frost already, but on Monday it was 70 degrees. :) The frost did kill off a lot, but my dahlias still look amazing!

I have talked the parents into giving us a gift certificate for dinner out and an over night sitter for Christmas. :)
Laurel said…
I've been boiling all week. Its very hot here.
Lizzy said…
Your hot pepper jelly sounds marvelous. Anywone who fries green tonmatoes is a superhero(ine) in my cook book! You're invited to post on my How-To-Tuesdays. Please share some of your great ideas. Have a monumental day.

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