Queen of Losing things

Instead of focusing on all that is going wrong today, here is a list of positives:

  • I got to sleep in my own bed, by myself until 3:45 this morning!
  • Ava discovered we still had grapes in the fridge
  • My shoes were where I left them yesterday.
  • Mr. Man filled the car with gas this morning.
  • It's payday!
  • Pj was on facebook at the same time this morning and so was quickly able to call me so I could locate my phone.
  • New episode of Elementary available online today!
  • The tv room is almost ready to get vacuumed.
  • I found a check book quickly to get bills ready to mail next week.
  • It is now Hazel's naptime.  Whether she likes that or not.
  • No cops were around when I drove Mr. Man to school and back home, or when I drove DQ to school then picked up Mr. Man and drove us back home.
  • Saw a car accident, after it happened and before the police arrived, and the drivers were being polite to each other.  Sometimes I love Utah.
  • Mr. Man's library card is on my dresser rather than in my lost wallet, meaning we can still go to the library.
  • I found the ghost foam shapes, so I can make my Halloween garland that I requested fabric from my sister for.  
  • I'm not entirely freezing yet today.
  • I found the can opener....right on top of a bowl right on the counter where I looked countless times yesterday....
  • Mischief is distracted by chores at the moment, relieving me from jungle gym status.
  • I remembered I have a bag of balloons in my closet, so this weekend we will MAKE pumpkins with papermache newspaper and fabric starch.
That's all so far.  (10:50am)


Juli said…
That's a whole lot of positives. Now could you come here and find mine? :)
Laurel said…
Hooray! Focus on the positive!
I love your list! :)

I do that with the can opener all the time. Heck. I do that with all sorts of things!

I hope you post pictures of your pumpkins! I love doing paper mache and sometimes using fabric instead of paper. I'd never thought of using fabric starch for it! I always go the cheap route and make my own with cornstarch and water. I may have to try the fabric starch sometime!

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