The goose is getting fat

Mr. Man told me after talking to his mom yesterday that his parents want to know what we want for Christmas.  It is a question I enjoy.  In part because it always makes me think of one of his sisters who once said something along the lines of, "Tupperware is NOT a gift, it's a basic need, if you need bowls just go out and buy them!"  I'm so opposite, but that may be in part that it's not often we do more than pay bills and buy food/household things like laundry detergent.  And vibrams.  But that's a whole different story. year for Christmas we asked for, and got, a food dehydrator.  So grateful, though now that I'm using it for things other than apples I want one with a fan rather than just a heating element.....a different year we asked for, and got, a dutch oven.  One year we got old books.  I love old books, I have almost two shelves full now!  This year I'm pondering a couple of things, some of which I'm certain my sister in law wouldn't approve of....though I will never ask for bowls though I would love a set of pyrex ones with lids....Anyway, the things I'm trying to decide between for me are....

An apple peeler/corer/slicer
A water bath canner...
A food mill

or this C Crane CC Solar/Wind-crank radio flashlight...which also charges cell phones via usb port.  

Only trouble when you pick your gift is that then you don't get the element of surprise.  Which means if it weren't for my parents I'd have no surprises (okay that's not true, sometimes Mr. Man spontaneously buys me something random for the year I got Harry Potter movie #5...which I don't think I ever watched...and The Polar Express book.  I may be the only person in the world who doesn't absolutely love that book.....I felt bad that he was so excited he got me a book and I didn't give him the reaction he expected.....)

Ummmm....any way.  I'm trying to post more often.  I realize I've been majorly slacking at posting and at reading blogs.  Working on that.  

And now I'm going to get into pajamas, even though my jeans are far too comfortable...odd to have them fit finally....and time to turn down the thermostat because 68 degrees is leaving me smelling the heater...granted even at 66 this morning I was smelling it....tag this under "reasons I like radiant heat over forced air". Can you tell I've been house hunting?  I have, it amuses me.  I told Mr. Man that if he can oogle over bikes in his free time, I can spend my evening hunting for houses across the country...from New Hampshire to Oregon, I've been browsing!  The key things I'm looking for?  Approx. 3 acres of land, minimum of 2 bedrooms one bath, wood burning stove, fruit trees, and clothesline.  Radiant heat and already built out buildings (aka barn/workshop/garage/stables) are big pluses as well.  Oh and preferably somewhere near an Amish  community, Target, and 24 hour Fitness.  And under $150,000.  Which is surprisingly not difficult.  I've found some I'd happily move into for under $100,000.  So hopefully they or something like them will still be around in half a dozen years when we can move on with our lives.  Until then, I'm working on next years garden watermelon, peas, or cabbage next time.  I don't water consistantly enough for watermelon (though we have a decent sized one wedged out there right now between the concrete edge of the garden and the rebar pole of the trellis), no one but me loves sugar snap peas, and cabbage attracted bugs.  I'm taking the cabbage heads to the poultry by the elementary school, they won't mind the bugs.  Definitely doing Swiss Chard again.  Easy to grow and very yummy.


Just me. said…
Why dont you tell them all these things that you posted here and let them decide, then it will be a surprise!
sleepless said…
Those are a lot of good things to want !
Mandi said…
we have the apple peeler/slicer/corer. we got one for our wedding 6years ago and we still use it weekly. It is fantastic!! definitely hope you get that :)

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