Trunk or Treating

Our ward(church) did a Trunk or Treat this year.  Woo hoo!  I've been waiting 3 years for this!  Grated this year only DQ had a completed costume.  We quickly threw together something for Mischief and Hazel.  They even had donuts and apple cider.  Mischief knows her food boundaries and avoided the donut table as well as the car that had cookies instead of candy.
Hazel Mae is a natural trick or treater.  She needed little prompting and thought it was great!  On the walk home she chewed her way into a bag of M&Ms....she was so mad when I made her put the candy away before bed.

Mushroom Queen
 Pageant Girl:

Can you tell she loves (LOVES) candy?

Happily Mischief could eat half of what she got, and the stuff she can't is just the stuff mom likes!


sleepless said…
H. obviously LOVES that game !! Thanks for sharing the photos...I really appreciate seeing what is going on !! It is Awesome that Mischief if learning her limitations and dealing with them !!

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