Update on the girls

I was woe-is-me-ing to my mom this weekend about how the 2nd hand store had no size 7 snow gear for DQ, when she reminded me she gave us some!  I know they aren't in the house, because I spent last week cleaning it (someday I'll post about this past week, but I'm not ready to talk about it yet).  I went out to the shed and started checking boxes....and discovered 4 boxes of kid clothes in the shed.  ARGH!  We have far too much kid clothes, and this is after I took a huge black bag full of kid clothes to the 2nd hand store (got $74 in store credit! Woo hoo!)  Happily one of the boxes was the girls winter tights, though none will fit DQ, as she is growing just too much, we'll have to hunt for some fun ones as my girls would wear only dresses if they could.  I also found some long sleeve 12 month shirts that will be great for Hazel this winter, as she's an itty bitty thing, not as itty bitty as Mischief was, but still, she's 15 months and wearing 9 month clothes and 6-12 month pajamas.  Anyway, I still have three trunks to go through and another box or two before I give up. Oh ya I'm going to check the picnic basket too because I have vague memories of stuffing something in it before putting it up in the closet, that may not be recent though, who knows.

Mischief has been having growing pains!  At least we hope they're growing pains.  She's been sleeping horribly and crawls into bed with me around midnight crying to have her feet and legs rubbed because they are hurting her.  She is getting better at dressing herself, and we discovered she DOES try to copy letters...she's very good at writing a capital "A"....upside down.  All her letters she writes upside down....such a strange child.

Hazel is miserable lately.  She whacks her head at least once a day by falling off something or walking into something.  Yesterday she fell off a chair twice (once in the morning, once in the afternoon and different chairs) and then fell while getting an apple off the table.  My mom pointed out how head heavy she is, I'm just glad my other kids weren't this....adventurous....
She also has a cold and is so congested she just moans and groans all day.  Picked up some Tiny Cold Tablets (homeopathic) for her and boogie wipes, but she just sits and cries despite them.  If you hold her she arches her back to get away and cries.  I figure she'll at least let daddy hold her once he gets home, she is very much a daddy's girl.

DQ is doing great, working on yet another fairy house, they change daily.  She's getting better at reading, though it frustrates me that the books she brings home from school she has memorized, and just says them without even looking at the page, I told her she needs to start picking harder ones.  Dick and Jane is still her favorite to read though.  I've started showing her that she can read the board books we have, her sisters appreciate that.

We've almost run out of options on getting the kitchen pipes unplugged ourselves, and will have to call a plumber if the next two attempts fail.  Not so fabulous.

Daddy got home from school and Hazel was happy sitting and being held by him, but he needed to mow the lawn, so now she's sitting with her lion and her favorite book in her throne with a blankie.....and screaming.  Oh happy day!

We will survive.


Juli said…
Have you tried the long plastic thing with the comb like teeth on the end? That usually does wonder for our pipes... they are old cast iron and hair is it's mortal enemy.

Good luck! And how awesome is the $74 credit.

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