Acorn Hunt

Though it's a little late in the fall, we finally did our acorn hunt.  We left for school an hour early, as the oak trees are on the way to school, sort of.  There is a hospital near Drama Queen's school, and it has a trail going around it, and on a few parts of the trail there are oak trees.  The girls were all excited in theory.  Once we were there though, Drama Queen had little interest in the activity, and after tossing a few acorns in the basket she instead amused herself with attempting to climb trees, though was not pleased that I wouldn't help her into them. I inherited the get in the tree yourself rule that my mom had for us.  Mischief wandered around a bit filling her pockets with acorns and playing in the leaves.  Eventually both Drama Queen and Mischief started pretending they were squirrels, which was quite entertaining.

Hazel Mae on the other hand, oh this child is just such a delight, she loved it.  She loved it to the point of having no discrimination as to the condition of the acorns or acorn tops she put in the basket.  She threw all she could find into her basket and then lugged it to a new spot.
Every so often she'd say "Yay!" and clap her hands

She filled it up almost all by herself!  And then screamed when it was time to continue on the way to school so Drama Queen could have breakfast before class.  Of course Mom got distracted by discovering there was also a walnut tree over there, so we gathered a bunch of those as well.  Still got her to school in time for breakfast.


sleepless said…
DELIGHTFUL seeing all these photos and sharing the adventure vicariously ! What a hoot H. stopping to say yay ! Thanks dear for letting me see all this !! How fun !

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