Mr. Man wanted to go to the gym, but since the guy coming to give our furnace it's yearly check up, called to verify location just as the Mr. was getting ready to go, I made him stay while a stranger was in our house.  A very nice stranger, at that.  Whom Mischief was terrified of for about 2/3 of the time he was here and then wanted to tell him her life story.  He had a lovely accent, something British.  If you live in Utah County, I highly recommend Western Heating and A/C.  They're awesome and considerate.

ANYWAY.  Then it was time to pick up Drama Queen from school, so we decided we'd drop Mr. Man off at the gym after we got her.  I had no desire to go to the gym, and the kids care wasn't open yet for the evening anyway.  We dropped him off and I started driving around, hoping the irrational Mischief (she was screaming if anyone make a sound) would fall asleep.  She didn't.  Instead I got questioned about where are we going, I want to go that way, what are we going to do, etc.  So I told them I didn't know where we were going, we were on an adventure.  Down the street, around the bend (I hate round-a-bouts), through the light, up the curving hill, and there appeared, a park!  I had thought about driving around the lake, but then this park appeared.  So I pulled in and parked and as we unloaded Mischief gasps in delight and tells me, "It Barney land park!!"  Apparently in her little head it looked just like the (or a) playground in one of the Barney episodes she watched this morning.  Okay kid, sure, yes, our adventure led us to Barney Land.  So she ran around trying to find Barney.  Oops.

The play equipment, despite being labeled for ages 5-12 years old, was PERFECT for my children.  All three were able to happily and easily get around on it. That does not often happen with these modern playground structures.  Mischief even went down the twirly slide a few times, a rare event indeed.

Then Drama Queen decided the little hill just beyond the play area was more interesting, so we headed that way.  And they ran up and down it, then we rolled down it and I spotted....a perfect climbing tree.  My girls don't climb trees, there just aren't any good climbing trees where we live.  They've been in their Uncle Nathan's apricot tree, but that's not the same as climbing a tree.  So Drama Queen, with a bit of encouragement, decided to try climbing it.

 But was a little scared, so she ran off to play on the hill a bit more and I stuck Hazel Mae in it.  Which she though was cool long enough for me to take a picture, then she wanted to return to the playground, where she proceeded to climb up one of those ladders that is arched like a bridge, you know where the rungs are like over a foot a part and stretch from the ground up to a platform at least 3 feet off the ground.  No pictures, I was busy spotting my precocious little one.  She made it, up until the pass from the last rung to the platform, where she would have then dropped straight to the ground (possibly whacking her chin on the platform) except that I was right there and set her up where she wanted to be.
By the time I turned around, I discovered Drama Queen had gotten brave AND figured it out!

 I followed after this little one, while Drama Queen tested her bravery as to how high she was willing to go (and the way this tree is, you can make it all the way to the top, much like the pine trees I grew up climbing)

Ah, a girl's first tree, one of the best things ever!  She got a few branches higher than this, but not by much and not for long.  She requested we return to this park, and informed me she was going to bring her helmet.  Okay kid, what ever makes you feel more secure.
I eventually decided daddy would be nearing the end of his work out, partly due to the fact that it'd been almost an hour, and because the middle school boys attempting to climb the other evergreens, kept casting slightly envious glances toward the tree DQ was in, and were betting who could go highest in it.  So off we relinquished it and they quickly moved in.  Hazel Mae was NOT impressed with this decision to leave and I literally carried her, kicking and screaming, to the car.  She then proceeded to scream most of the way to the gym, stopping only when her sisters started giggling every time a scream would end in a little squeal.
It was fun.

We will return to adventure again at Barney Land Park.


sleepless said…
What an awesome adventure for all of you..thanks for sharing !!! I love it !
sleepless said…
I am glad you found Barney Park ! I love climbing trees..those genes carry on ! Thanks for sharing the delightful photos !!
Sleepy said…
Adventures are always fun! You kids always loved going to the Moon Park!
Emily Robertson said…
So much fun! I love that she finally climbed it all by herself!

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