Here are our completely out of order Halloween pictures.  I never got around to making costumes for the younger two, so Mischief is wearing a dress from the dress up box and we picked up a butterfly costume from the consignment store for Hazel Mae.

After the costume parade at Drama Queen's school, Mischief and I manned the lollipop spider booth at her class party.  Which meant I got to finally see who her crush of the year is (in the class picture, he's the kid in black next to her).  
Mischief and Hazel Mae painted their paper mache pumpkins, but we never got past making them orange, so they've been put away for next year.

Hazel Mae was the first one ready to go trick or treating and when I closed the door to deter any trick or treaters already out (as we had no candy) she got a bit hysterical.  She knew what we were going to go do and that she loves it!

We visited Linda and then Joyce, our neighborhood grandma's, first, then headed to the town home complex near us.  Hazel needed little direction, and in fact got rather pushy if we weren't going at the speed she wanted or if multiple houses in a row weren't answering.   She got distracted a few times, wanting to see what she had.  We had some healthy snacks at the bishop's house about halfway through (and I had dinner) then headed back out, much to the lack of enthusiasm of Mischief.  She was done and chose to sit in the stroller the rest of the way.
Once we finished the town homes, we went home for a potty break then went to my brother's house where we left Mischief to play with her cousins and Drama Queen, Hazel, and I got their neighborhood.  There was one house there that thought Hazel was the cutest thing (well, she is!) and the lady who opened the door called over another lady inside who called for yet another and they all stood exclaiming with delight her as she eagerly relieved them of three bags of m&ms.  She even did her happy dance for them.  Which wasn't overly unusual, she did her happy dance at almost every house.
Hazel even started saying "Chee chee" by the end of the night which could be nothing other than her version of "trick or treat".  When we got home, she was NOT done, I let Drama Queen go around and get the trailers near ours, and Hazel refused to come inside the house, so we went around too, and then she was satisfied.  She helped me remember how much fun Halloween can be.

Onward Ho!

This smile was on her face almost the whole time.

Someone pointed out they were all in pink. Yep, we're a girly household I guess!

DQ's 1st grade class party

Mommy closed the door!


Juli said…
LOVE the costumes!

We are all done with trick or treat in our house. The boys handed out candy and then sat back with their "stash". All and all a good night!
Katie Bell said…
That last one is epic.

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