Hazel Mae is teething. 4 teeth are working their way out, two of which are molars. This means screaming and restlessness at night and long naps during the day. Her not me. But I sure could use those day time naps. Drama Queen got to play hooky on Wednesday because I just couldn't function. I started waking up at around 2 in the afternoon finally. Today is not quite that bad, but close. And we get to walk in the rain!

It is a very whiney week on my part. I don't appreciate the older two yelling at me to wake up at 6 am when I've barely been asleep at all. Not to mention that the sun is nowhere near up at that time. My stomach has been hurting me and that is in addition to menstrual cramps.

My parents are coming up to Utah today, so that is happy.

Here are some pictures from my phone that I don't think I have posted here yet.


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