Love love love my girls

Yes, there's no Drama Queen in these, she was busy playing with her cousins.  This morning our nephew/cousin Ben was baptised, and afterward we had a luncheon at Mr. Man's brother's house.  I spent most of the time following Hazel Mae around, she thought it was great that she could go out the backdoor, walk around from the back yard to the driveway/carport, to the front yard and in the front door.  We did that circle a few times.  Every so often I'd ask her to "cheese" and got some(okay, a lot of) pictures.

This is her gasp of delight as she spotted Aunt Emily's Halloween decorations

She's actually pointing past the skeleton to the  orange spiders on the fake spiderweb

Mischief playing frisbee with a cousin

Mischief was thoroughly enthralled by the "tiny baby" who's name  is also Mischief's middle name (different spelling).  I believe the cousin of Mischief's cousin who also has Mischief's first name (am I confusing you yet?) was at the family luncheon as well.  I'm glad Mr. Man's sister liked the sound of Mischief's middle name and used it for her baby as I couldn't really name a kid of mine a first name that is her sister's middle name, but I love the name that much that I did ponder it.  No we aren't having more kids.
Halloween post below this one


sleepless said…
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing all the cute photos..I HATE missing out on what everyone is doing and how the grand children are growing and all !!! This helps !
Laurel said…
Hazel's hair is curly! Is it as curly as Mischief's was at that age?

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