Thanksgiving Break Campout

I decided to make Thanksgiving break as busy and fun as possible.  It started with them working on sewing their own elephant toys.  And tonight they get to campout in the play room.  We made a tent, and they are sleeping in it in their sleeping bags, playing with flashlights.

In other news, I went ahead and upgrated to paying google $2.49 a month so I have more storage space, as I've filled my 1GB of storage space in Picasa web albums.  I have no desire to change blogs yet again.  I don't know if I'll ever remember the sign in info for the old blog when one day I can get it printed, as these blogs ARE our family history record.

I've had a cold for a week.  Hazel and Mischief are starting to get it as well.

I'm not overly looking forward to Thursday.  We're going to my Aunt's as we usually do, doesn't sound like many will be there though, not even all my cousins of that family.  Oh well, at least we have family to be with!  I'm pondering whether to make some gluten free stuffing and side dishes or not.  I should or Ava may not have anything besides turkey to eat..  You know, because green bean casserole has cream of something soup, which has wheat.  Gravy?  has wheat.  Stuffing?  that's a no brainer.  But then the child eats very very little lately.  She let me feed her at dinner for a little bit so I shoveled in as much quinoa as I could as it was the healthiest/most nutrition dense thing we were having.  Otherwise she had half a pear and a few bites of cereal today.  And chocolate milk.


Laurel said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Freth said…
I'm of the biased opinion that chocolate milk is very healthy, tasty, and nutritious !!! But I could be wrong ... just don't tell me while I am drinking it. :-p
sleepless said…
Lovely campout !! Happy Thanksgiving...and enjoy Betty..we are hopefully going to see Bubba at grandma's for dinner. Hope you are feeling still has congestion a lot but is doing better.

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