And so this is Christmas.

Full of sore throats and puke.

We will be having a lovely Christmas at home, as we'd rather not spread around this thing that Drama Queen brought home from school last week. She spent Sunday puking, and had horrible diarrhea the next two days, because she didn't want to throw up anymore.  It's got to come out of some end.  So Hazel learned today.  Yesterday night she kept fighting the vomiting reflexes and this morning before 10am I had three nasty nasty diapers to change.  One of which lead to her first outfit change of the day(she had two more) as well as her bed being stripped and me sneakily carting off her blankets with it because if she'd seen them it wouldn't matter what was on them or how they smelled, she'd scream as they went in the washer.  She held down some rice cereal at lunch so I tried to give her a little dinner a half our ago and it came back up leading to a pajama change. She was traumatized that some got on her hands.  The tears stopped as soon as I washed her hands off after that.

Despite a 4 hour nap, Mischief has decided that it is bedtime and is in there laying down very quietly, but I don't think she is asleep yet.  Yep she just came out grabbed her teddy bear and is watching kid shos.  I'm pretty sure she will be puking within the next few days.

So we canceled our plans to do the 3 hour drive up to Grandma Jo and Granddad's.  We will have a quiet Christmas at home.  And that's okay.


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