Found Jesus

Driving home from the grocery store:

"Look mom, dat one our church."
"Yes, that is one of our church buildings"  I then started to sing "We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" but got cut off by
"MOM!  What dat shiny ting?!"
"Shiny thing?  Oh, the sun behind the clouds?"
"No.  Dat no duh sun.  Duh sun not white. Dat white....*gasp*... IT JESUS MOM!"
"MOM!  I FOUND JESUS!  He up dere! He shiny, just like in my book mom!"


This morning I asked Mischief to get tights on under her dress.  It isn't super cold, but cold enough.  A few minutes later I asked her to get tights again as she went running past.  Then again a few more times over the course of 8 minutes.  The last time she says, "I DID, MOM!"  And sure enough she had gotten tights...they were wrapped around the baby doll she'd been carrying around.....specifics....


Mischief was helping me prep dinner, peeling the carrots.  I was slicing celery, I noticed a jerky movement and looked up in alarm.
"I no get me."
"Oh good, I was worried."
"I okay. We no have me for dinner.  If I get me then you no have little girl no more."

"Mom, I helping you make dinnah."
"Thank you!  I appreciate you helping."
"I like a princess helper."
"Yes, you are my princess helper."
"Not really.  My dress is dirty."


DQ:  "Don't!  It has an owie.  It stings."
Mischief:  "It stinks?"
"It stinks?"
"It stings, get away from me."
"I want to smell your arm."


sleepless said…
Kira =] said…
Those are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing! She is a hoot!!!
Jamie Hatch said…
nice, too fun! I'm glad she found Jesus. That's worth remembering!

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