Thursday, January 31, 2013

I don't wish Celiac disease or any extreme food allergies on anyone, especially children.  All this year when Drama Queen comes home from school I worry about Mischief going to school....sure she can take lunch with her, but she will have to take a place mat or something of the sort as well because her table will be gluten-ladden, even if they wash it, that cloth will have been going in and out of gluten filled water.  Not to mention the temptation of someone giving her something she shouldn't have.  The trouble is that she's going to have to learn to wash her hands in an OCD like way.     Why?  Because the teachers and classmates will eat their gluten-y food and then have gluten all over their hands.  She goes to play on the playground, and there will be transfer from any equipment.  Holding hands with a friend.  Opening the door to the bathroom.  Passing papers.  
Sure there will be the obvious gluten dangers: candy given as rewards - some artificial flavorings and colorings are laced with wheat, one of the main ingredients in licorice is wheat flour.  Classmate's birthdays?  I'll have to get a list at the beginning of the school year so I can have a treat ready for her so she's not left out when her classmate's moms bring in cupcakes.  If only everyone had summer birthdays like my girls do.  Class parties?  I will have to be room mom, or train the room mom in cross contamination.  For 100 day today they made froot loop necklaces.  Ya.....not a good activity for Mischief. She will have to wash her hands after using the pencil sharpener.  After being given a paper.  After stacking chairs.  After reading a book.  because this child's fingers just naturally gravitate to her mouth.  This is why we've had to go to a completely gluten free house.  Eating dinner?  Sure I can make her and Sunshine their food first and get them all set and uncontaminated.  But if they need help with anything during the meal, Mr. Man and I had to wash our hands before doing anything.  It was hard to remember sometimes like when you're refilling your glass and one asks for more drink too, you just grab their cup, and have now cross contaminated it.

It would almost be easier to homeschool her than to send her to school.  Either way, it's going to be alot of work.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Woke up with a thick fuzzy throat.  Feels like I have  hairball.  Tired and just done.

Mischief did not sleep well and so is super whiney today and wants to be entertained.  I have no desire to entertain anyone at all.  She requested Mac n cheese for lunch, so I made her some.  Refuses to eat it.  Cries because her tummy hurts and that she's hungry but won't eat her gluten free mommy made mac n cheese.

My throat is just not nice.

Sunshine is happily playing in the playroom thankfully.

I want to sew.

I need to sew, I have tentative orders....people who want custom animals but I won't take money from because I can't guarantee they animals they want will get made in the timeframe they need.  I don't even know where my patterns are now.  I need to organize my closet and have no energy to. And Mr. Man is sleeping.  I want to hem Drama Queen's other pant leg, but can't because I can't even find a hand needle.

I really just want to curl up under some blankets and stay there until I feel well.
Instead I'm sitting on the couch, trying to keep Sunshine from eating the entire tub of prunes that daddy bought for her this morning as she is constipated.  She likes them.  A lot.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Garden and Life

A few days ago we were being teased with spring.  It was a tolerable temperature, I was able to clean up in the shed and under the carport, and there was rain.  Makes you start thinking of spring and gardens.

Now there's 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground and it is still falling.

But I got my garden started in the online shopping carts of High Mowing Organic Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Mr. Man sat next to me as I did it and happily didn't flinch at what my totals were yesterday.  Today I'm working on getting it down to just what a month's grocery budget is going to be...I figure a one month's investment for 3 months (and more for canning hopefully) of fresh organic produce is well worth the starting cost.

I don't know if I'm going to be saving seeds this year or not, but by growing heirloom seeds I at least have the option, so that is happy.  The girls are excited because I'm going to build them each their own garden box in the side yard.  They will get to choose what to grow in it from the seeds I order.  DQ will be happy to discover I'm ordering flower seeds as well.  Edible flowers, haha.

Now I just get to hurry up and wait for our tax return which will disappear all too fast....but hopefully make a better life for us in the long run.  Less debt, and a "new" car are in the plan.  As well as a "new" dryer, though I kind of want a drying rack instead!  I know Mr. Man hates all the clothes hanging all over though.  I like it, didn't realize he doesn't but being that he pulled everything out of our bathroom and dumped it in my closet... eh.  If it were dry that'd be one thing, but not all was...

This morning, as I was getting the girls ready to put on their snow gear for the walk to school he called me from work to tell me he had called our carpool guy and asked him to get DQ today.  Huzzah!  Best husband ever!  We don't have to walk through the snow!

Mr. Man got a promotion at Target.  He is now a Team Lead which is a full-time job and so will be getting benefits and he is quite happy to be quitting 24 hr. fitness.  We are happy that we will be seeing more of him.  A lot more as he is also having to quit this semester for the 2 weeks of training he will be sent to...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Because there were requests on Facebook to pin it...

Friday, January 25, 2013


Today we are trying something new. Quiet time for everyone at 10 am. You must stay in your bed for 2 hours. Mischief and Sunshine will now have a 20:00 bedtime. Mischief is going back to sitting in her booster at dinner and she will be buckled and sit there until she has eaten her food. Mischief is also not allowed to watch She-Ra, He-man, Diego, Dora or Bravestarr unless she has gotten full marks on her check list that I will be making today.

This mommy is done and cant sleep through screaming and crying and banging on the door.

I tried going to bed at 23:00. Finally fell asleep sometime after 12:37. Sunshine and Mischief were then up at 4....Mischief woke up DQ at 5. They have all been sent to the playroom now.
I am hoping a later bedtime will help, because obviously their early one is no longer working.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am having a little too much fun pretending to spend our tax return money.  It is all already spoken for (Good bye Medical bills, Discover card bill, and hopefully hello car!) but I'm loving making a whole new food storage for us as well as homeschool....squee!  So much fun!
Well...I'm instituting a closed door at bedtime policy...everyone but me has had a closed bedroom door since they've moved out of mommy's room....granted their doors end up opening and they abandon their beds for mine.  Except Drama Queen.  She sleeps fabulously.  In the last two months I have had two nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Two.  One of those involved Mr. Man being awake all night and my having earplugs.

So last night at Midnight, Sunshine started crying so I brought her to my bed so I could go back to sleep....hahahha.  Just when she was starting to get settled (about 10 minutes) in comes Mischief.  "mom, I have an orange?"
"No.  The sun is not up.  You can't have an orange until the sun is up."
"I watch show?"
"no.  Get back in bed."
WAILING and run back to her room to scream and wail some more!
Dump the baby off my shoulder, go to the girls room, tell her to turn it off so she doesn't wake DQ.

Repeat this scenario every 20 minutes for the next two hours.

Finally I gave Mischief an apple to eat in bed.
I put Sunshine back in her bed.  Shut her door.

Shut my door.  Laid down.  Heater blessedly kicks on drowning out any remaining sound of Sunshine's cries.

Slept 5 hours straight.  It was wonderful.

I got up.  Took a shower.  Did my hair.  Got dressed.

The day starts so much better this way!

And so from now on...for the most part, cause I suck at sticking to things that I say "from now on" for, that and I can only stand to hear them crying for so long or ignore banging and yelling on my door.

So in the last hour and a half, the power has flipped off twice to the house.  I'm hoping it's a  neighborhood thing and not anything that requires my cleaning my closet.

Day is going downhill fast unfortunately.  I am still tired.  Sunshine is being super whiny.  Mischief just peed in her panties for the first time in a week (granted she poops in them regularly.  Though one day this week she did do it on the potty.)  Just kidding she didn't pee.  She pooped.

And now we're taking Drama Queen to school.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunshine is starting to get back to sleeping through the night.  Part of it requires us letting her cry for a little bit instead of getting her after just a minute.  She usually cries a bit for five to ten minutes and then goes back to sleep.  Another help is having the vaporizer in her room.  It is like the humidifier, but does steam instead of mist....this helps keep her room warm, it actually surprised me how much it warms up her room.  it also has this little spot in the top to put oils!  So I put in some essential oils every night after filling it.  two drops lavender, one drop breathe (from doTerra).  She's been congested lately which is why I add the breathe oil blend.  Despite my attempts to wean her from her pacifier, she still needs it at night and for naps.  We are trying to wean her because she talks ever so much more when it is not in.  Today she actually said "hands" when showing me her hands were dirty (from eating refried beans with them instead of just eating her whole bean and cheese roll up...) and when I told her it was night night time she grinned, said "Ni-Ni" and gestured in a way suggesting that I should go to bed.

Drama Queen started this morning with throwing up, but was fine the rest of the day.  Ate a banana, some apple sauce, drank hot chocolate, ate a large plate of spaghetti for dinner, and had some saltines just before bed.

Daddy on the other hand came home from work early due to throwing up.  And for the first time ever had to call in sick to his other job.  I really wonder what they did to cover his shift since he is the only person who works it, he doesn't have an alternate since it is a 5 day a week job.  (graveyard shift at 24 hour Fitness, our location is closed Sundays).  He came home sat and chatted for a minute to unwind, but was in bed within 20 minutes.

Before Daddy was sick, he was fabulous this weekend.  Cleaned the kitchen, was patient and helpful with the kids, Made breakfast yesterday and today.  Let me sleep in as well.  It has been marvelous and I so appreciate him.

I have held down food today.  For half the day I was a bit queasy, but I'm feeling fine now other than unusually tired.

I need to locate all my animal patterns, I have some custom requests to work on as well as an elephant to make for a cousin's baby shower this saturday.  Ack.  No motivation for that, especially tonight.

I need to stop being lazy and get out the real camera.  Until then, here are some pictures I posted on facebook from my phone:

 And one of the pictures from Sunshine's birthday photo shoot last year.
 The girls working on sewing their own elephants, with a little help at times...(photo of me by Mischief)
 Photos taken by Mischief:

Mischief and Sunshine sharing hot chocolate today

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today was going fabulous.....Mr. Man couldn't sleep and so was up with the kids at 3am, I got to sleep until 7:45 then he brought me breakfast in bed. The girls and I went to church. He couldn't sleep so he cleaned the kitchen. All three girls took naps and he was finally able to fall asleep....then Everything I ate today came shooting out of either end... He is at work and I am trying to not live in the bathroom. At least the girls are entertained by sesame street classics right now. This is my view right now.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

She thinks it is her bed

For the first time in years our quilt we made with our mothers help and our down comforter are clean! Thanks to my bro's massive washer and dryer! Sunshine helped me make my bed.

If you're on facebook with me, you'll have seen all these. Sorry.

This past Monday, for Family home Evening the girls and I had a movie night after reading a story in The Friend magazine.  Netflix had the new Tinkerbell movie, so that was what we watched while eating popcorn (mom even put butter on it this time!)  It was a cute movie.

One of our fun activities this week was making marshmallow and toothpick sculptures.  The girls all enjoyed it, and Sunshine thought stabbing and eating the marshmallows was great fun!

 Having gone through an ear infection already this year, she is starting to get back to her normal self, but is still not sleeping through the night.  :(
 Namma mailed this darling outfit to Drama Queen.  I love love love it, and so does she.
 We did Jamberry Nail things on Ava's nails....despite all my hard work she'd chewed one off within an hour or so.
 Yesterday when we went to the gym we discovered there was a Zumba class going on and so, obviously,  the kid care was full.  These two burst into tears that they couldn't stay, so I appeased them by going to the mall where there is a play area.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random pictures if it works...try try again

Sunshine snuggling with her blankies. Nothing on her but the blankies...hence her smile...

DQ getting her fringe trimmed.

Hazel making animal patterns like mommy.

DQ oh so pleased with her hair

The girls decided they needed to be ballerinas.

DQ let Mischief wear her Winx costume.

While searching of the source of the burning smell (a belt on the dryer it turned out. It is now out of commission until further notice since school starts tomorrow for Mr. Man, who is again on academic probation - grrrrr) I siscovered this treasure trove....whomever invented floor vents must not have had children....

A picture Sunshine took while trying to hack into my phone.

Brownies I made with the king Arthur Flour recipe. And good as they looked. I think I may never buy a gluteny mix again!

The view from my bed as I sit here. Thise clothes will totally fit this year. The scale loved me this morning and said 139.4!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Of things that are cold

This morning after I drove DQ to school, I looked up what the temperature is....2 degrees.  8:30 in the morning at it was a whopping 2 degrees outside.  You think, at least you didn't have to walk her to school.  Oh yes that is true.  I savoured the fact that we drove, because Mr. Man starts school next week.  School at which his first class is at 7am meaning he will go straight from his shift 24 hour fitness to school and be there until lunch time.  So starting next week we will be walking to school at least 4 days of the week.

Enter survival mode.

Okay not quite.  I'm not ignoring bills in order to buy wool base layers for us (yet), but rather seeing what I can do with what we have.  Such as making balaclavas for her and myself.  The littler girls I'm not so worried about, they will wear fleece pajamas and snowsuits and have blankets on and be under a plastic stroller cover.  I already have balaclavas, or similar for them.  And I am pondering making rice packs to stick with them in the stroller, at least to warm up their seats as the stroller lives outside, being too wide to fit through the door (wonderful double jogger)

I'm also going to make us legwarmers to wear over our snowboots and jeans...

The remaining problem...DQ's down coat has disappeared.  Sure it was a size too small anyway, but she apparently left it at school at some point and it's not in her classroom, and we checked lost and found repeatedly before the break, but still no snowcoat.  She has another coat that is her size, it just doesn't seem quite as warm.  I am pondering checking Old Navy and Gap today to see if they have any clearance down coats.  I love Gap warmest coats, that's what the younger two have. And they are the third owners of each, not that you can tell beyond the fact that I forgot to take the faux fur off of the size 3 hood before putting it in the dryer.  Ergh.  I suppose I could check Kid to Kid again as well.  In November they had no size 7 or 6-7 or 7-8 size coats.  Hence why she'd been wearing her size 5 one.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll just throw a couple of sweaters on under the one she has.  We will see how that works out.
But by golly are down coats wonderful.   I need to find one in a larger size for Hazel as well as she's just barely still fitting into the 6-12 month one...we just about got two winters out of it each with both her and Mischief.

We all have mittens, we all have good boots, I have fleece enough to make leg warmers and more hats and/or scarfs as needed.

We can do this.

I'll keep telling myself that.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Lifespan of Dreams

Yesterday morning, when Mischief came out of her room, she was super animated.  Her eyes were big and sparkling, her lips were pursed in excitement.  She told me, "Mom I dreamed about all the animal, my toys, be alived. I be real doctor. Mom? You check'd dah mail? I have real mail like I dreamed about? I can look in it and I look in it and it my doctor stuff! and I cam make toys alive in there And Maddie hear a noise and Maddie's goin' out there and hers goin' see them ALIVE! (to Hazel) You want do that? You want watch me do it? (back to mom) Mom I can make the toys alive and then can help me fix dah toys. Then I get new house, with my doctor stuff. Mom? You check the mail now? I watch after Hazel...."
All day I refused to check the mail.  And I wanted to ask Mr. Man to bring home a doctor set from target and stick it in the mail box.  But unfortunately our account didn't agree with that plan.  So eventually I had to tell her that it was only a dream and that there was no doctor bag in the mail for her. 

 "But I want there to be!"

Oh if only I could keep that magic and wonder in her.  This life is so hard when you've lost that.  That belief that anything could be and happen.

There was a new lego catalog and a new american girl catalog though.  They bring brief entertainment....
Amongst other things that I'm not quite on top of, I need to update my payment information for my space in google storage, so I can't post any more pictures until I do that...