Garden and Life

A few days ago we were being teased with spring.  It was a tolerable temperature, I was able to clean up in the shed and under the carport, and there was rain.  Makes you start thinking of spring and gardens.

Now there's 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground and it is still falling.

But I got my garden started in the online shopping carts of High Mowing Organic Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Mr. Man sat next to me as I did it and happily didn't flinch at what my totals were yesterday.  Today I'm working on getting it down to just what a month's grocery budget is going to be...I figure a one month's investment for 3 months (and more for canning hopefully) of fresh organic produce is well worth the starting cost.

I don't know if I'm going to be saving seeds this year or not, but by growing heirloom seeds I at least have the option, so that is happy.  The girls are excited because I'm going to build them each their own garden box in the side yard.  They will get to choose what to grow in it from the seeds I order.  DQ will be happy to discover I'm ordering flower seeds as well.  Edible flowers, haha.

Now I just get to hurry up and wait for our tax return which will disappear all too fast....but hopefully make a better life for us in the long run.  Less debt, and a "new" car are in the plan.  As well as a "new" dryer, though I kind of want a drying rack instead!  I know Mr. Man hates all the clothes hanging all over though.  I like it, didn't realize he doesn't but being that he pulled everything out of our bathroom and dumped it in my closet... eh.  If it were dry that'd be one thing, but not all was...

This morning, as I was getting the girls ready to put on their snow gear for the walk to school he called me from work to tell me he had called our carpool guy and asked him to get DQ today.  Huzzah!  Best husband ever!  We don't have to walk through the snow!

Mr. Man got a promotion at Target.  He is now a Team Lead which is a full-time job and so will be getting benefits and he is quite happy to be quitting 24 hr. fitness.  We are happy that we will be seeing more of him.  A lot more as he is also having to quit this semester for the 2 weeks of training he will be sent to...


Juli said…
How awesome for Mr. Man!!! And for not having to walk in the snow!

We have two days left of our challenge. In the last week we have run in -12 degree cold, snow, rain, sleet, and tomorrow...50 degree rain.

Can't be over soon enough.

Hey, did you ever get that jacket for your daughter? Let me know if I should still be on the lookout!
Laurel said…
Natalie started asking about our garden too. She is anxious to start planting. I don't feel like much of a green thumb, but try try again! I would like to have more boxes this year, including boxes for each child, but Dave doesn't want to run water to all of them and to have a successful garden, I really need automatic watering. So, we'll see how that goes. Maybe I will just divide up one of the boxes and let each kid have a few squares.

Natalie loves growing flowers, I never thought much of them, but I did it for her. I ended up loving how pretty they made the backyard and sometimes we would cut them and make bouquets. Now we always have a few in the garden. Zinnias & Sunflowers in particular seem to be very hearty and very tall and pretty.

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