Sunshine is starting to get back to sleeping through the night.  Part of it requires us letting her cry for a little bit instead of getting her after just a minute.  She usually cries a bit for five to ten minutes and then goes back to sleep.  Another help is having the vaporizer in her room.  It is like the humidifier, but does steam instead of mist....this helps keep her room warm, it actually surprised me how much it warms up her room.  it also has this little spot in the top to put oils!  So I put in some essential oils every night after filling it.  two drops lavender, one drop breathe (from doTerra).  She's been congested lately which is why I add the breathe oil blend.  Despite my attempts to wean her from her pacifier, she still needs it at night and for naps.  We are trying to wean her because she talks ever so much more when it is not in.  Today she actually said "hands" when showing me her hands were dirty (from eating refried beans with them instead of just eating her whole bean and cheese roll up...) and when I told her it was night night time she grinned, said "Ni-Ni" and gestured in a way suggesting that I should go to bed.

Drama Queen started this morning with throwing up, but was fine the rest of the day.  Ate a banana, some apple sauce, drank hot chocolate, ate a large plate of spaghetti for dinner, and had some saltines just before bed.

Daddy on the other hand came home from work early due to throwing up.  And for the first time ever had to call in sick to his other job.  I really wonder what they did to cover his shift since he is the only person who works it, he doesn't have an alternate since it is a 5 day a week job.  (graveyard shift at 24 hour Fitness, our location is closed Sundays).  He came home sat and chatted for a minute to unwind, but was in bed within 20 minutes.

Before Daddy was sick, he was fabulous this weekend.  Cleaned the kitchen, was patient and helpful with the kids, Made breakfast yesterday and today.  Let me sleep in as well.  It has been marvelous and I so appreciate him.

I have held down food today.  For half the day I was a bit queasy, but I'm feeling fine now other than unusually tired.

I need to locate all my animal patterns, I have some custom requests to work on as well as an elephant to make for a cousin's baby shower this saturday.  Ack.  No motivation for that, especially tonight.

I need to stop being lazy and get out the real camera.  Until then, here are some pictures I posted on facebook from my phone:

 And one of the pictures from Sunshine's birthday photo shoot last year.
 The girls working on sewing their own elephants, with a little help at times...(photo of me by Mischief)
 Photos taken by Mischief:

Mischief and Sunshine sharing hot chocolate today


sleepless said…
Life is such a balancing act isn't it ! You are doing a good job balancing.

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