If you're on facebook with me, you'll have seen all these. Sorry.

This past Monday, for Family home Evening the girls and I had a movie night after reading a story in The Friend magazine.  Netflix had the new Tinkerbell movie, so that was what we watched while eating popcorn (mom even put butter on it this time!)  It was a cute movie.

One of our fun activities this week was making marshmallow and toothpick sculptures.  The girls all enjoyed it, and Sunshine thought stabbing and eating the marshmallows was great fun!

 Having gone through an ear infection already this year, she is starting to get back to her normal self, but is still not sleeping through the night.  :(
 Namma mailed this darling outfit to Drama Queen.  I love love love it, and so does she.
 We did Jamberry Nail things on Ava's nails....despite all my hard work she'd chewed one off within an hour or so.
 Yesterday when we went to the gym we discovered there was a Zumba class going on and so, obviously,  the kid care was full.  These two burst into tears that they couldn't stay, so I appeased them by going to the mall where there is a play area.


sleepless said…
I love the stuff you do with the girls !

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