Today we are trying something new. Quiet time for everyone at 10 am. You must stay in your bed for 2 hours. Mischief and Sunshine will now have a 20:00 bedtime. Mischief is going back to sitting in her booster at dinner and she will be buckled and sit there until she has eaten her food. Mischief is also not allowed to watch She-Ra, He-man, Diego, Dora or Bravestarr unless she has gotten full marks on her check list that I will be making today.

This mommy is done and cant sleep through screaming and crying and banging on the door.

I tried going to bed at 23:00. Finally fell asleep sometime after 12:37. Sunshine and Mischief were then up at 4....Mischief woke up DQ at 5. They have all been sent to the playroom now.
I am hoping a later bedtime will help, because obviously their early one is no longer working.


Laurel said…
Good luck! I hope it works out for you!

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