Of things that are cold

This morning after I drove DQ to school, I looked up what the temperature is....2 degrees.  8:30 in the morning at it was a whopping 2 degrees outside.  You think, at least you didn't have to walk her to school.  Oh yes that is true.  I savoured the fact that we drove, because Mr. Man starts school next week.  School at which his first class is at 7am meaning he will go straight from his shift 24 hour fitness to school and be there until lunch time.  So starting next week we will be walking to school at least 4 days of the week.

Enter survival mode.

Okay not quite.  I'm not ignoring bills in order to buy wool base layers for us (yet), but rather seeing what I can do with what we have.  Such as making balaclavas for her and myself.  The littler girls I'm not so worried about, they will wear fleece pajamas and snowsuits and have blankets on and be under a plastic stroller cover.  I already have balaclavas, or similar for them.  And I am pondering making rice packs to stick with them in the stroller, at least to warm up their seats as the stroller lives outside, being too wide to fit through the door (wonderful double jogger)

I'm also going to make us legwarmers to wear over our snowboots and jeans...

The remaining problem...DQ's down coat has disappeared.  Sure it was a size too small anyway, but she apparently left it at school at some point and it's not in her classroom, and we checked lost and found repeatedly before the break, but still no snowcoat.  She has another coat that is her size, it just doesn't seem quite as warm.  I am pondering checking Old Navy and Gap today to see if they have any clearance down coats.  I love Gap warmest coats, that's what the younger two have. And they are the third owners of each, not that you can tell beyond the fact that I forgot to take the faux fur off of the size 3 hood before putting it in the dryer.  Ergh.  I suppose I could check Kid to Kid again as well.  In November they had no size 7 or 6-7 or 7-8 size coats.  Hence why she'd been wearing her size 5 one.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll just throw a couple of sweaters on under the one she has.  We will see how that works out.
But by golly are down coats wonderful.   I need to find one in a larger size for Hazel as well as she's just barely still fitting into the 6-12 month one...we just about got two winters out of it each with both her and Mischief.

We all have mittens, we all have good boots, I have fleece enough to make leg warmers and more hats and/or scarfs as needed.

We can do this.

I'll keep telling myself that.


sleepless said…
You CAN do this !
Juli said…
Yes you can!!! I'll ask around... maybe I can come up with a coat for her. :0)
Laurel said…
I like you new header, very cute!

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