Random pictures if it works...try try again

Sunshine snuggling with her blankies. Nothing on her but the blankies...hence her smile...

DQ getting her fringe trimmed.

Hazel making animal patterns like mommy.

DQ oh so pleased with her hair

The girls decided they needed to be ballerinas.

DQ let Mischief wear her Winx costume.

While searching of the source of the burning smell (a belt on the dryer it turned out. It is now out of commission until further notice since school starts tomorrow for Mr. Man, who is again on academic probation - grrrrr) I siscovered this treasure trove....whomever invented floor vents must not have had children....

A picture Sunshine took while trying to hack into my phone.

Brownies I made with the king Arthur Flour recipe. And good as they looked. I think I may never buy a gluteny mix again!

The view from my bed as I sit here. Thise clothes will totally fit this year. The scale loved me this morning and said 139.4!!!


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