The Lifespan of Dreams

Yesterday morning, when Mischief came out of her room, she was super animated.  Her eyes were big and sparkling, her lips were pursed in excitement.  She told me, "Mom I dreamed about all the animal, my toys, be alived. I be real doctor. Mom? You check'd dah mail? I have real mail like I dreamed about? I can look in it and I look in it and it my doctor stuff! and I cam make toys alive in there And Maddie hear a noise and Maddie's goin' out there and hers goin' see them ALIVE! (to Hazel) You want do that? You want watch me do it? (back to mom) Mom I can make the toys alive and then can help me fix dah toys. Then I get new house, with my doctor stuff. Mom? You check the mail now? I watch after Hazel...."
All day I refused to check the mail.  And I wanted to ask Mr. Man to bring home a doctor set from target and stick it in the mail box.  But unfortunately our account didn't agree with that plan.  So eventually I had to tell her that it was only a dream and that there was no doctor bag in the mail for her. 

 "But I want there to be!"

Oh if only I could keep that magic and wonder in her.  This life is so hard when you've lost that.  That belief that anything could be and happen.

There was a new lego catalog and a new american girl catalog though.  They bring brief entertainment....


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