Well...I'm instituting a closed door at bedtime policy...everyone but me has had a closed bedroom door since they've moved out of mommy's room....granted their doors end up opening and they abandon their beds for mine.  Except Drama Queen.  She sleeps fabulously.  In the last two months I have had two nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Two.  One of those involved Mr. Man being awake all night and my having earplugs.

So last night at Midnight, Sunshine started crying so I brought her to my bed so I could go back to sleep....hahahha.  Just when she was starting to get settled (about 10 minutes) in comes Mischief.  "mom, I have an orange?"
"No.  The sun is not up.  You can't have an orange until the sun is up."
"I watch show?"
"no.  Get back in bed."
WAILING and run back to her room to scream and wail some more!
Dump the baby off my shoulder, go to the girls room, tell her to turn it off so she doesn't wake DQ.

Repeat this scenario every 20 minutes for the next two hours.

Finally I gave Mischief an apple to eat in bed.
I put Sunshine back in her bed.  Shut her door.

Shut my door.  Laid down.  Heater blessedly kicks on drowning out any remaining sound of Sunshine's cries.

Slept 5 hours straight.  It was wonderful.

I got up.  Took a shower.  Did my hair.  Got dressed.

The day starts so much better this way!

And so from now on...for the most part, cause I suck at sticking to things that I say "from now on" for, that and I can only stand to hear them crying for so long or ignore banging and yelling on my door.

So in the last hour and a half, the power has flipped off twice to the house.  I'm hoping it's a  neighborhood thing and not anything that requires my cleaning my closet.

Day is going downhill fast unfortunately.  I am still tired.  Sunshine is being super whiny.  Mischief just peed in her panties for the first time in a week (granted she poops in them regularly.  Though one day this week she did do it on the potty.)  Just kidding she didn't pee.  She pooped.

And now we're taking Drama Queen to school.


Juli said…
Tuesday Youngest was a bear when he got up. Said he wasn't going to school... even went back into his room and got into bed. I let him fall back to sleep and woke him up after his brother had left for school.

he started the day over as if nothing had happened. Good thing too... because let me tell you, I was in no mood for that kind of behavior! :)
Laurel said…
Did you notice that you used the girls real names at the end of that? I don't mean to be the name police, but if I were you I would want someone to tell me. :)

Anyway, sleep is important! I'm sorry you are not getting any!

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