Woke up with a thick fuzzy throat.  Feels like I have  hairball.  Tired and just done.

Mischief did not sleep well and so is super whiney today and wants to be entertained.  I have no desire to entertain anyone at all.  She requested Mac n cheese for lunch, so I made her some.  Refuses to eat it.  Cries because her tummy hurts and that she's hungry but won't eat her gluten free mommy made mac n cheese.

My throat is just not nice.

Sunshine is happily playing in the playroom thankfully.

I want to sew.

I need to sew, I have tentative orders....people who want custom animals but I won't take money from because I can't guarantee they animals they want will get made in the timeframe they need.  I don't even know where my patterns are now.  I need to organize my closet and have no energy to. And Mr. Man is sleeping.  I want to hem Drama Queen's other pant leg, but can't because I can't even find a hand needle.

I really just want to curl up under some blankets and stay there until I feel well.
Instead I'm sitting on the couch, trying to keep Sunshine from eating the entire tub of prunes that daddy bought for her this morning as she is constipated.  She likes them.  A lot.


Juli said…
Sounds like you need to curl up and let it all go until you feel better. Easier said than done though... I know. :)
sleepless said…
So sorry your throat is sick ! I love you !

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