Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drama Queen, by any other name...

Mr. Man and I had a good long laugh last night while waiting for DQ's patriotic program...when I dropped her of at her classroom to get ready, I talked to her teacher about yesterday's incident...oh my little drama queen...

Me, to Mrs. Hawkes:  So can you help fill in the details of what happened today with Maddie?
Mrs. Hawkes: Well what have you been told?
Me:  Not much.  DQ was just in tears and said it was because she wrote a mean note for *a friend*.
Mrs. Hawkes: OH!  What she did was wrote a note and SIGNED it *a friend*...about a boy.  *A friend* was very upset because she didn't want the boy to think it was true, and wanted me to know that by no means did she feel that way about him at all.  It actually got past around through most of the tables before I found out about it.  I took her aside and explained to her that it really hurt *a friend* and it would make her feel bad too if someone did the same.

Mr. Man and I just laugh.  And I am still laughing.  Oh the things this kid comes up with.  Here I had thought she'd written some really horribly mean note, you know the kind saying mean and insulting things, and really...this was what she did...

Dear *boy*
I love you.
I am going to kiss you! Baby
*a friend*

Still not something she should do, but not done maliciously or out of upset, but rather trying to be silly.  Pretty sure she knows now that this kind of thing doesn't come across as silly and teasing to everyone.

UPDATE:  The next day she did write a "I hate you" note to the little boy in her class who likes her. When she has the letter writing center she is now only allowed to write to her teacher.  Mr. Man and I are pretty sure the reason she wrote the note was because he has been gone for a week and that is a lot of attention she is NOT receiving not having him there.

History repeats itself

Once upon a time...23 years ago if you must know....I was in first grade and I liked a boy.  His name was Eric, and he was one of the few boys would had no problems playing with girls. There were a group of us who regularly played together: Staci, Sarah, Gwenda, Holly, Ricky, Jeff, and Eric.  One day I realized I liked Eric and shortly thereafter found out he liked Holly.  This did not make me happy.  Not knowing how to deal with that feeling, I decided the best way to express myself was to leave a note on his desk stating the exact opposite of how I felt about him.  I don't remember if I wrote I hate you, or I don't like you, but it was one of those, and I clearly remember trying to sneakily put it on his desk.  I casually walked down the row of empty desks and placed it on his as I continued on my way to the side of the class room where we were gathering for some reason I do not remember.  When we returned to our desks Eric found the note and ran to the teacher, crying.  Despite my not signing the note, Mrs. Price knew who had written it, I figure now that she knew each of our handwriting.  She called me over and spoke to me in the corner wanting to know why I wrote it.  I tearfully told her I didn't know (I've had many years since to ponder on and figure out the why) and told Eric I was sorry.  Mrs. Price made me sit outside the classroom until the principal Mr. Finkbinder came (no I did not make that up, but I may have spelled it wrong) to talk to me.  I cried the whole time I sat there.  It felt like an eternity before he came.  Our classroom faced the back of the office where the Principal's office was so I could see when he came out.  Mr. Finkbinder, being the amazing principal he was, simply made sure I knew what I did was wrong and mean and he knew I was thoroughly sorry.  I don't remember if my parents were informed of this, though I imagine they were, so I don't know what they did if anything.

Today when I picked up DQ from school, her face was red and splotchy from crying.  Her first response was I'm tired.  And I knew that was bull.  What's the British phrase/word for bull s&!#?  I'm sure it's better.  Anyway, I made her sit down by me and I pulled into a parking spot at the school and she sat there until she told me that she Mrs. Hawkes was going to talk to me because she wrote a mean letter to a girl friend of hers.  She was sobbing as she told me, and I immediately knew how she felt and had no idea how to deal with it.  So I simply did what Mr. Finkbinder did.  I made sure she knew that it was not a nice thing to do.  Like me, she didn't know why she didn't, though she said she doesn't remember what she wrote.  I'm sure we will find out tonight at the 1st grade Patriotic Program.  When we got home, I had her make the friend (who is one of her few school/church friends) an "I am sary" card.  It's from her, she can use the wrong spelling.  I'm okay with that, the lesson here is not grammar, and I don't want to detract to that.

I wonder if sometimes the stupid things we did as kids were in part to give us experience when dealing with our own.

San Diego Temple

On Saturday while we were in California, we went to the San Diego LDS Temple.  A boy I used to baby sit was getting married.  They were my most memorable baby sitting family because we invented a game called Lock Out which we played pretty much every time I baby sat.  It involved one person being in the house and the doors being locked and everyone else, the neighbor kids usually joined us, was outside and had to find a way in.....such as removing screens from windows....It was a very fun game.  And yes, I didn't have many other baby sitting jobs, lol.

Anyway, the girls loved running around the temple grounds while we waited for Uncle Nathan and cousin R to finish doing baptisms for the dead. (click the link to learn more about that, it's really not so creepy and weird as the name implies).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At Namma's

Last weekend of February the girls and I, thanks to my Aunt offering to drive us, got to go down to California for the blessing of my youngest older brother's first baby.  This was in fact our first trip to my parents house.  We moved just before they did, and hadn't been back down to California since.  We all greatly enjoyed the visit.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sunshine's reaction to Namma's wind chimes being blown by the wind....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

That moment when you discover that the picture you posted to "Mixed Chicks" thinking it was the hair product company you use's page, only to realize it wasn't after posting the picture and then saying, whatever, finding the right page, posting your picture, and forgetting about the first, ended up creating a whole bunch of "girl, you white" drama......after the admin of the page reposted the picture resulting in 135 comments and 1,027 likes in less than 24 hours.

True story.

Mr. Man is annoyed by the people that said negative things, I'm just amused.  People are weird.  Can't we all just get along?  Face it, majority of the world are mutts...aka mixed, even if they sunburn instantly....

Our post on the Mixed Chicks page
The girls and I are getting ready to abandon daddy for a whirl-wind weekend in California!  Someone I used to baby sit is getting married on Saturday and my brother is blessing (christening) his baby on Sunday and on Monday we are going to Disneyland!

Mr. Man has to work on Friday and Monday so he can't go with us.

And I'm not dressing my kids all cute for Disneyland.  I decided to release myself of that expectation.

I am going to rent a stroller there for Sunshine and I'm taking our harness backpack for Mischief.

I'm stressed.  And so excited.  And anxious.  And happy.

And I have a headache right now.

Here are some current pictures from my phone.

 Sunshine decided her yogurt tasted better when eaten off of lunch meat.
 Mr. Man
 my hottie husband.
 These are from Valentine's Day, if you hadn't noticed.  Daddy got her a box of chocolates...a Drama Queen box of chocolates.  I cracked up.
 Sunshine discovered how to climb the ladder on the bunk bed.  Only trouble is she gets this far and freaks out, so she just stays there and makes "help" sort of noises until she is rescued.  Except she doesn't want to be rescued, she wants a boost over that final bar.
 My girls snuggling while watching Hotel Transylvania.  Minus Mischief who was in bed because she decided she'd rather not eat dinner then watch the movie.
 Ring around the sun...
Her other bunk bed trick.  

We had a good hair day yesterday.  
 Been cutting lots of elephants.  Many baby showers coming up, though I don't think I'll have even one ready for tonight's baby shower....perhaps I should find the almost finished purple elephant parts and complete them...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I frustrate myself and overwhelm myself.
I give myself ridiculous rules and hurdles to jump over.
I am my own stumbling block.
It's really kind of frustrating.
This year will from now forward be devoted to releasing myself from all these restrictions I have created.
I don't know how.
But it needs to happen.
I will need help!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Simple Marionette

DQ is giving puppet shows today.  I love when she is creative like this!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Learning Wall

Today I went to Utah Idaho Supply Map World (say that ten times fast) to see if they had any of the Melissa and Doug travel activity game things I'd been eyeing on  They did!  And some of them for less than were on Amazon.  So I got the cheaper ones, then perused the clearance section.  And spent a good 15 minutes looking through the clearance posters which were 10/$1.  I got 20, and almost filled up our playroom wall!  Not all the posters are up there, some are for when the girls are a little older perhaps.  It makes the wall very busy, but I rather like it, and the girls do too, and all the reading related posters excited Drama Queen, "Hey, I have one like that at school!"  No just to get myself organized to start working on letters more with Mischief.  She is very good at O and X.  And can tell you the sounds of some, but not their names (which I'm okay with because you don't need to know their names to read).

Friday, February 15, 2013

Something Different

Tonight the girls pushed everythingout of the middle cleaned the playroom so they could camp in it tonight.  I just thought we needed something fun and different and I am about to take an excedrin as a result, but they are having fun.  Sunshine was banished to her own bed shortly after these pictures....