Day after day of Sunshine not sleeping.  I suppose I should say night after night.  She sleeps, sort of.  Only sleeps if she is in my bed and she does not hold still.  She is congested like me.

I'm tired.  so tired.

Mischief has been sleeping better, but is manic and crazy during the day She's pleasant and funny one moment and in tears and screaming the next.  She has been refusing to eat anything that's not produce or cheese pretty much.  I did get her to eat half a piece of bread with jam as well this morning.  She eats mostly in the morning.  I think a nap would help but I can't get her to lay down for one.  Ordered some Tired Teddies, and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival (an herbal/melatonin blend intended for children).  Hoping it offers us some help.

I'm so tired.

And I'm congested.  And mouth breathing.  Not going to church today because I am NOT mouth breathing in public.

Sunshine is refusing to nap.  She's been in her bed an hour and a half and is still awake and she is not coming out until she actually sleeps.  I'm not moving at a very fast speed today, mentally or physically, Mischief is plenty enough of a challenge at the moment.

DQ is awesome.  Love that kid.  She's so smart.  She's starting to learn common sense and thinking things through.  And the other day Mr. Man was exercising his dry, sarcastic humor, and DQ after a surprisingly short pause said, That was a joke!  You're funny dad.
So nice that she's getting these things now!

Sunshine just started crying.  Mischief is demanding I follow her to see if she cleaned a big enough spot in the playroom for me to find the play tent.  Not looking for it until there's even a place to put it...


Laurel said…
We've all been sick here, this will be the third week in a row that I haven't been to Church b/c I've been home with different sick children. Today, though we are all staying home. I really want everyone to get well so we can get back to life.

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