Dinner at Aunt Beth and Uncle Phillip's

It makes me so happy to have recieved our federal tax return.  It was far larger than I expected and I happy paid off bills.  The credit card bills that have been following us for years (and actually were paid off in full twice, but never closed and so relied on when paychecks were bad, and also when I went on a stupid spending spree to deal with life, which of course only made things worse back when DQ was 3) are now gone!   Cards are closed and paid in full!  I paid off one of my ER bills (I don't deal with extreme stress well we have learned) and will pay the other off once I locate the bill for the reference number.

We still need to buy a dryer though.  I just refuse to pay $500 for one and have yet to sit and stalk ksl classifieds and craigslist for a good used deal.  Mainly because I can't go pick it up on my own so I think Mr. Man should do that job as it would be he who needs to load it up and bring it home and hook it up.  I guess that's the trouble with our first washer and dryer being free second-hand!

This past weekend we went up to Mr. Man's sister's house to have dinner with her, her husband, one of Mr. Man's brothers, and his mother who was in town to pick his dad up from the airport later that night.  It was fun to see them and Aunt S is looking very cutely pregnant.  I need to sit down with my camera and pinterest and get my indoor settings back to what they were before I tried to photograph our fog two weeks ago.  It is not often we get thick fog so I tried to capture how thick it was, but had trouble and messed up my go to settings and don't remember exactly what I did.  Regardless, here are pictures from our visit.

The girls enjoying some ice cream.

Playing Slap with Auntie Beth


sleepless said…
You got some darling photos ! Thanks for sharing !
Juli said…
LOVE the piano picture! So glad about the taxes. I am using my half (Tony and I split it) and paying of a loan I took out... You have no idea how nice it will be to not have to pay that $550 every month.

Laurel said…
Love the piano picture, that should go on your wall!

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