Drama Queen, by any other name...

Mr. Man and I had a good long laugh last night while waiting for DQ's patriotic program...when I dropped her of at her classroom to get ready, I talked to her teacher about yesterday's incident...oh my little drama queen...

Me, to Mrs. Hawkes:  So can you help fill in the details of what happened today with Maddie?
Mrs. Hawkes: Well what have you been told?
Me:  Not much.  DQ was just in tears and said it was because she wrote a mean note for *a friend*.
Mrs. Hawkes: OH!  What she did was wrote a note and SIGNED it *a friend*...about a boy.  *A friend* was very upset because she didn't want the boy to think it was true, and wanted me to know that by no means did she feel that way about him at all.  It actually got past around through most of the tables before I found out about it.  I took her aside and explained to her that it really hurt *a friend* and it would make her feel bad too if someone did the same.

Mr. Man and I just laugh.  And I am still laughing.  Oh the things this kid comes up with.  Here I had thought she'd written some really horribly mean note, you know the kind saying mean and insulting things, and really...this was what she did...

Dear *boy*
I love you.
I am going to kiss you! Baby
*a friend*

Still not something she should do, but not done maliciously or out of upset, but rather trying to be silly.  Pretty sure she knows now that this kind of thing doesn't come across as silly and teasing to everyone.

UPDATE:  The next day she did write a "I hate you" note to the little boy in her class who likes her. When she has the letter writing center she is now only allowed to write to her teacher.  Mr. Man and I are pretty sure the reason she wrote the note was because he has been gone for a week and that is a lot of attention she is NOT receiving not having him there.


Emily Robertson said…
That girl seriously cracks me up! Love her!!!
sleepless said…

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