That moment when you discover that the picture you posted to "Mixed Chicks" thinking it was the hair product company you use's page, only to realize it wasn't after posting the picture and then saying, whatever, finding the right page, posting your picture, and forgetting about the first, ended up creating a whole bunch of "girl, you white" drama......after the admin of the page reposted the picture resulting in 135 comments and 1,027 likes in less than 24 hours.

True story.

Mr. Man is annoyed by the people that said negative things, I'm just amused.  People are weird.  Can't we all just get along?  Face it, majority of the world are mutts...aka mixed, even if they sunburn instantly....

Our post on the Mixed Chicks page


Juli said…
THAT is hysterical. Mainly because it was an accident.

There are mean people out there that do it to CAUSE drama.... But hello? 1027 likes.... Damn girl!!!

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