The girls and I are getting ready to abandon daddy for a whirl-wind weekend in California!  Someone I used to baby sit is getting married on Saturday and my brother is blessing (christening) his baby on Sunday and on Monday we are going to Disneyland!

Mr. Man has to work on Friday and Monday so he can't go with us.

And I'm not dressing my kids all cute for Disneyland.  I decided to release myself of that expectation.

I am going to rent a stroller there for Sunshine and I'm taking our harness backpack for Mischief.

I'm stressed.  And so excited.  And anxious.  And happy.

And I have a headache right now.

Here are some current pictures from my phone.

 Sunshine decided her yogurt tasted better when eaten off of lunch meat.
 Mr. Man
 my hottie husband.
 These are from Valentine's Day, if you hadn't noticed.  Daddy got her a box of chocolates...a Drama Queen box of chocolates.  I cracked up.
 Sunshine discovered how to climb the ladder on the bunk bed.  Only trouble is she gets this far and freaks out, so she just stays there and makes "help" sort of noises until she is rescued.  Except she doesn't want to be rescued, she wants a boost over that final bar.
 My girls snuggling while watching Hotel Transylvania.  Minus Mischief who was in bed because she decided she'd rather not eat dinner then watch the movie.
 Ring around the sun...
Her other bunk bed trick.  

We had a good hair day yesterday.  
 Been cutting lots of elephants.  Many baby showers coming up, though I don't think I'll have even one ready for tonight's baby shower....perhaps I should find the almost finished purple elephant parts and complete them...


Juli said…
Love the pictures. :)

My boys would remove the slats from the underside of the bed, slant the top bunk mattress down and use it as a giant slide.

Needless to say after the first WHACK! into the bottom bed foot boards, I screwed the rails into place. :)
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing the cute photos !!! Cool ring around the sun !!

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