Friday facts

1. Little girl clothes take a long time to sew when you have little kids at home.

2. Puggles are still the cutest dog ever.  Good thing I don't have $400 since the local pet shop has some.

3. These two are fun.

4. Those cute little snack cups from the dollar store are NOT water tight.  I had put our left over water colour paint in them yesterday and last night knocked one down, this is what I found in the morning.

5.  Five Guys burgers was disappointing.  I prefer In N Out (though my brother says it's because Five Guys in the West is not as good as Five Guys in VA) burgers.  And why does it not say anywhere that a hamburger has two patties on it?  Ew.  I read "little hamburger" and I think kid size, not normal.  I read "hamburger" I think hamburger not a gag as you take a bite stack of ground beef (aka two patties).  The girls did quite like the fries though.  Sunshine liked them more than Mischief though.  And a large fries is way too large.

6.  The container with the yellow water colour paint in it got knocked down at 1am when Mischief woke up crying because her leg hurt.  I had to dig through the medicine cabinet mostly blind attempting to find the toddler tylenol, vitamin E and both vitamin D (2 & 3).  I was to tired to bother putting any of it back.

7.  Sheye Rosemeyer is who inspired me to start really taking pictures.
She posted beautiful pictures of her three oldest and the twins she had last month.  I love her pictures.  I discovered her old blog back when Drama Queen was 2 (and Sheye's daughter Ivy was).  Sheye's daughter Ava died at age 3 when she snuck into their car during the summer and succumbed to heat exhaustion.  Do not leave your car unlocked in the summer -or winter for that matter- and teach your kids to not play in the car!  Anyway this is her latest post:
and in the last few pictures Ivy is wearing a DARLING batwing dress...I totally love it.  If you look in the comments you'll see my comment is the 8th one and the tenth comment is her responding to me because I mentioned I was going to hunt for a dress like it.  She told me the maker and I looked it up...unfortunately it's an Australian brand (they live in Australia after all) and on sale the latest version of it, which is coral, is $50.  Not my price range.  But I felt like I needed to go to Kid to Kid today and so we did.  There I found, not a dress sadly, but shirt similar to Ivy's dress:

8. I hate sequins.  BUT I also found a lacy look cardigan for Drama Queen to wear with her dollcake birthday dress.  The sequins will be removed ASAP.

9.  Easter is in just over 3 weeks.  I'm not ready.  This is obvious when you look at my Easter basket fillers pile.

10.  Sometimes I can catch a good picture on my iphone.  Rarely, but it does happen.


Juli said…
We like five guys, but the burgers are a bit greasy. Plus trying to get something not contaminated with gluten can be a nightmare.

The fries though, we just order one large for the whole table. I'd eat a whole bag myself and then really regret it later.
sleepless said…
darling photo of H. at the end...thanks for sharing what is going on ! Mama loves you !

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