Just got home from a day of driving around Salt Lake.  A month or two ago a co-op group I am a part of did a pettiromper order as well as fascinator headbands, direct from China.  How could I resist pettirompers for $5 each and fancy headbands for $3 each?!  They all arrived this week and I drove up to the co-op group leader's house to pick them up.  Since it is pay day we threw the cooler into the car so I could do grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and London Market....only I discovered bangers all have wheat.  It doesn't matter to me of blood pudding has wheat or not it's for the hubby and I, not the kids, as is the marmite.  Unfortunately I was hungry when we went shopping and spent $10 more than I had planned.  And I didn't have a menu plan in mind, so I randomly grabbed things I thought we might eat, and a chicken. And because I was hungry two salads that Mr. Man can now take for his lunches at work because I didn't eat either as I didn't have a fork.
Then I stupidly decided to go by Against the Grain which is a Gluten-free only store....the prices aren't anything to swoon over, in fact most every thing they have is much cheaper on Amazon.  Yet I spent $40 there...and have been kicking myself since.  Oh well.  I don't plan on going there again.

Then on the way home Mischief said she needed to use a potty so we tried to stop at Carl's Jr...but the whole shopping center (all food places) there was packed so we went to the next one over which had a TJMaxx so we went there and then walked around.  I resisted buying two hard to find lalaloopsies (they were full-size), as well as a nightstand that would be perfect for my room.  I did buy ice pop molds that I've had on my Amazon wishlist for three years...almost bought them a few times but the price always held me back.  TJMaxx had them for half of what they cost on Amazon.    And I got cute cupcake papers.  And a cute frame.  And I resisted getting a butterfly pillow pet even though they were only $20 there (usually $30, and it's the one DQ wants).

Anyway.  I am grumpy today, mostly because I spent way more than I was supposed to no matter how much I point out what I didn't spend.

And the house is a mess.

And I am great at screaming today.  Partly because the kids are great at asking something and then not listening to the answer and asking again and not listening again, and so then I scream the answer, and then there is blessed silence.

I'm a delight, can't you tell?


Juli said…
I must say though... I had no idea there were Against The Grain stores... I buy mine from our local health food store. Pricey, but good. :)

I was having one of those days on Wednesday...less because I was feeling under appreciated, and more because the boys in this house just don't see things the way I do. You know? Course, a bad case of the Hangry didn't help either...
Laurel said…
I find Lalaloopsies to be creepy, they remind me or Coraline.

I would like to see pictures of the headbands and pettirompers that you got!

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