La Jolla Cove Beach

While in California, we spent Saturday afternoon at La Jolla Cove Beach where it was low tide.

 After checking out the sea lions (which I realized look a lot like slugs) we went over to the beach and played for a bit.  This was Mischief and Sunshine's first beach experience, so it was fun seeing them go about.  Sunshine was not too impressed much of the time.

 My brother's family came to the beach with us as well.

The girls collected lots of sea shells, Mischief tasted a few, my nephew found a large branch of seaweed to play with for a long time before being buried in sand, and Sunshine got drenched while sitting on a rock where I put her and the tide started coming back in...


Laurel said…
Mischief's curls are so pretty! She reminds me of a little girl in our ward. She has lots of pretty blonde curls too, and she asks her mom to straighten her hair so she can be pretty. I told her that Natalie wears a sock in her hair so that she can have pretty curls like her and she was all excited and said, "Really?"

I'm sure Mischief will appreciate how pretty her curls are b/c she matches Mommy.

I love Hazel's little ringlets too!
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing the awesome photos !!! That was so fun !!
Emily Robertson said…
What a fun time!!! I am so jealous!

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