Mischief is hard to understand sometimes, and I kinda wonder if it's getting worse rather than better.  Though it does sometimes make for amusing moments...such as how, once I sort of understood what she was saying, her "tickering" sounds like "tinkling".  Now my children don't think of pee when they hear tinkle, so I'm the only one sitting here giggling as we watch Tinkerbell, and Mischief say "Why is she tinkling?"

And now thanks to Tinkerbell I got to explain what fairy Mary meant by "get off your laurel"

It's an amusing day today.

Which is far better than how yesterday ended.  It was Mr. Man's birthday and we had fun at Nickel City (a nickel arcade) then had a bbq at his brother's house (cause they have more space than us and kindly agreed we could go there to do it) with his other brother coming also and bringing ribs.  Though next time I need to point out to Mr. Man that he needs to use the roasting pan for the ribs because the way he did it this time packed the ribs in together too much so they were NOT tender. :(

ANYWAY I digress, yet again.  Mischief by the end of the night was ridiculous.  She was crying about every little thing.  Throwing fits when it was Hazel's turn for the balloon they were playing with, and after my trying to respond nicely to her three times, I ignored her next tantrum since she was ignoring Sunshine trying to give her the balloon.  What did Mischief do instead?  She went to the top of the stairs and sat there wailing.  I didn't respond for a few minutes, and just as I was getting up to go to her, I hear thump thump thump, and here she comes, tumbling down the stairs.  No she wasn't hurt, she threw herself down them in sort of the way one rolls down a hill.  I swept her up, made certain she was not hurt, then informed Mr. Man it was time to leave.  I got them buckled in while he said goodbye.  It was only a half hour past bedtime, so I don't know why she was so very irrational, but it was disturbing.

I'm super excited that my monthly doTerra order is this week!  Monthly scheduled orders get you LRP (loyalty reward points), when can later be used to buy products.  the longer you are on monthly orders, the more points you get per order (it's based on percentage).  We love essential oils in our house.  Last night before putting the grump to bed I coated her with lavender (to calm and relax) as well as oregano and onguard (on her feet, to help with any illnesses she may be dealing with, she has a virus I know for sure) and melaluca on the waterwarts on her nose.  Or at least I think they are waterwarts, I don't really know cause I'm not going to pick at them to check and we don't have insurance this month.  I got it a lot when I was a kid, and in fact still do on my toes in the summer and on my face sometimes.  The fluid in them is highly contageous, so keeping her hands clean is a must.  She also has been picking some mighty large sores onto herself.  The usual one on her forehead, where her waterwart is had been one and she must have touched something that had the virus and then picked at it some more.  she has a big hole in her arm that she picked as well.  it's a little over an eighth in diameter which is huge on her tiny arm.  Oh this child.  She is darling and quite the character.  I need to chop her nails off ASAP though!  They've obviously gotten too long.
Anyway, the lavender and melaluca on her sores seems to help.  I hope to eventually get heliochr...something which is supposed to be the best for treating skin things, it costs alot though.  We need more frankensince as well.  It's my favorite.  Sunshine made the 5ml we had disappear.  It costs like $56 though, so it'll be perhaps next month's order.  I'm trying to keep each monthly order to $50.
On so last night I did the oil on Mischief and Sunshine loves loves loves the oils, so she came and sat on my lap until I coated her (lavender to help her sleep and oregano and onguard for wellness) then got her jammas on and then Drama Queen appeared and too wanted oils on, so I put those same three on her feet as she'd already gotten her pajamas on (I do the onguard/oregano on feet or along spines.  Spine for Sunshine)

I'm ramblng I know.

Anyway, bye!


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