Mischief was up three times last night.  I was up all those times too, but that's due to my insomnia not the kids.  The third time she got up I finally told her to go climb into my bed after using the potty.  So she did and shortly there after I decided to join her and hope I'd fall asleep.  I did.  But of course it was 1am by then and so when morning came I was...am...so tired.  I slept soundly enough that I didn't need my arm that was trapped until Mischief until the sounds of DQ getting Sunshine out of bed woke me and my arm was in so much pain I quickly pulled it out from under her and that process woke her instantly (I don't think things through well when I'm tired). It was already 8:05.

Now I'm hoping Sunshine takes a nap around 11 so I can take a nap too.  I'd say around 10, but I don't know what time she got up and lately she's been pushing her naps back, probably due to the fact that she's finally sleeping through the night (or I simply am so out once I'm able to sleep that I don't hear her).


Juli said…
Ah, the days of naps. I miss them. Mostly for myself. I had the CRAZIEST dream last night... actually thinking it might make a really neat weird short story.

We'll see.

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