Bridal Veil Falls

Yesterday we went for a walk along the PRT.  Mr. Man ran with Mischief and Sunshine in the double jogger while Drama Queen and I just mozied along. He ran all the way up to the trail head (Vivian Park I think)  while DQ and I decided Bridal Veil Falls was our destination.

Should have taken my other lens with us.  Drama Queen and I spotted these two deer on the other side of the river.  And no I don't know what all the concrete boxes are.  They are EVERYWHERE  on either side of the river and I told DQ they're for hiding from the aliens....or bombs....or that perhaps they were to the under ground water pipe, which is  most likely as you can hear rushing water if you listen to the lid.)

She was quite pleased that I encouraged her to take off her socks and shoes and go climb the rocks.  Next time we will take her keen sandals because she said there are pokey rocks.  She'd love to climb higher.

It was windy and dinner time.  The smell of all the bbqs going on made us hungry and we decided we'd go back in a couple of weeks and have our own picnic of hot dogs and chips then go up to the falls again.

And then....she couldn't figure out how to get down...

This girl was quite kind and kept encouraging Drama Queen and giving suggestions on where to move her hands/feet next.  I rather liked her thoughtfulness.


Freth said…
looks like the dinosaur finally cooperated ... 26 photos ... :)
sleepless said…

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