Crystal Hot Springs

Today we headed East to the Crystal Hot Springs which declares themselves the #1 in Minerals in the USA.  It was quite nice and the girls lasted in for an hour and a half about!  
 Drama Queen practiced swimming in the comfortable 100 degree water.
 Mischief enjoyed being passed from adult to adult and walking along the bench that edged the pool.

 It took Miss Sunshine a bit to enjoy the water, but eventually she got too comfortable and tried to jump in the pool off the bench and ended up under for a second.  It really does feel like slow motion when your child is in such a situation.  She wanted out for a little and then was ready to be back in after that.

It was a great afternoon/evening spent with Grandma Jo, Granddad, Uncle Bret and Aunt Audrey!


sleepless said…
I remember going to hot springs somewhere in Idaho , some summers as a kid...and loved it...glad you got to do it !!
Emily Robertson said…
SO FUN!!! I am jealous cause I have never been there...we need to remedy that =)

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