Easter Day - Thanks Seth for rescueing my pictures!

Everyone on Facebook already saw these.  Sorry!  But my brother Seth is not on Facebook, so I am sharing them again because if it weren't for him, these pictures would be lost! Thanks for helping me recover the pictures I accidentally deleted from the SD card!!  (Can you tell how much Mischief likes being in front of the camera these days?)

 We spent Easter weekend up in Cache County at Grandma Jo's and Granddad's.  It was the way Easter is supposed to be celebrated in my opinion because ALL of Mr. Man's siblings and their spouses and/or families were there too!  Mr. Man is one of eight children, so there were a LOT of people and it was so much fun.  The girls loved having so many kids to play with and stayed up way past their bedtimes.

 The Easter Bunny brought our baskets up for us since we didn't want to drag them on the train with us.  Oh, we took the front runner train up to Ogden and then Granddad picked us up at the station for the last of the journey.

Being that it was an unfamiliar house the Easter Bunny hid their baskets pretty easily.  Though there wasn't much candy in them, they still had a great time opening them.  And of course the Easter Bunny isn't what the holiday is about, we are also so grateful for the atonement, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior!


Juli said…
Love the black and white pic. My Mom was one of 9... it was always nice when everyone could get together, same place, same time.

Since my grandparents passing, there's not much harmony among them all. Now, it's nice to get together with just my parents and MY siblings... which still means 16 people. :)
Emily Robertson said…
It was pretty awesome that everyone could be there! I'm so glad I got to spend Easter with you guys and your ADORABLE chickies!
Seth said…
I'm glad the pictures were recoverable.

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