First train ride

For Easter we headed up to Mr. Man's parents house.  Our car can't do the canyon up there so we used to drive to his brother's house and leave the car there and his parents picked us up.  His brother now lives about a mile from us so that doesn't work anymore.  Thankfully the state has made a train line that runs from the city south of us to where his brother used to live.  And it costs less than half a tank of gas for all of us to ride.  Mr. Man's dad picked us up at that station.  Great adventure, right?
I was thrilled to capture their expressions as the train started. Mischief had big eyes for about the first 20 minutes of our 2 hour ride. 

Drama Queen sat right by the map until about a third of the way through our journey.  She liked finding the dot on the map when they announced what station we were at.

 For almost the entire way Sunshine and Mischief were quite happy just looking out the window.

 Drama Queen enjoyed pointing out the cows and horses...for about half the trip. Maybe a little less...

 Once Sunshine got used to the train she decided she needed to run all over.  And ended up buckled up in her seat.

 Drama Queen was much happier once she got to play games on my phone.

Mr. Man's youngest sister surprised us by coming with Granddad to get us at the station.  It took an hour to go from the train station to Granddad's house and we got lots of "are we there yet?" questions at least until the big girls fell asleep.  Hazel was wide awake until we got there.


sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing !! They WERE leery at first..very obvious !! on subways I like to sit by the map and see each station announced too !!

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