I don't take many pictures of Drama Queen.
So I made her stop for some the other night as she was putting her homework away.
She humored me.  
Mischief, why are you sad?
"But I WEALLY LOVE Blue's Clue. Blue's Clue my favorite.  I really want watch it everyday.  All day.  Blue's Clue.  With Joe in it. "
Thankfully, if you mock her while she is "crying" it makes her laugh.

And now for the many expressions of Mischief within about 20 seconds...

And a random picture of Sunshine.
Mr. Man shaved.  And lost at least a decade.....


sleepless said…
Juli said…
Funny what happens when they shave, eh?

PS, on the biscuits, just use the GF Bisquick mix, available at most Walmart and grocery stores. I find it right next to the regular Bisquick, it's in a white box I think. :)
Juli said…
OH! And the other day on the Italian seasoning packets... stay away from the Zesty ones, they have wheat. But there are some that use corn starch as fillers.

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