"Presently they came to an old man lying asleep on the lawn outside his cottage.
"There, " said Pippi, "that man is lying on the ground and we have found him.  We'll take him!"
Tommy and Annika were utterly terrified.
"No, no, Pippi, we can't take an old gentleman.  We couldn't possibly,"  said Tommy. "Anyway, whatever would we do with him?"
"What would we do with him? Oh, there are plenty of things we could do with him.  We could keep him in a little rabbit hutch instead of a rabbit and feed him on dandelions.  But if you don't want to, I don't care.  Though it does bother me to think that some other Thing-finder may come along and grab him.""
Excerpt from Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Oh the things we read to our children for bedtime stories.  Though this seemed to go right over Drama Queen's head.
 Yesterday Mischief, Sunshine and I played outside for a while and pulled weeds.  Sunshine appears to be the sort that will plant in all sorts of odd things that she can find.  It's dandelion season so they had fun picking those and blowing the very few that were already to seed.

Aunt Shannon wanted to know where Drama Queen's pictures were so we snapped a few.


sleepless said…
I love your photos of your gorgeous girls..thanks for sharing !!

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